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Yes, I Started that Wildfire

Dream | June 24, 2012

A bizarre motion outside catches my eye. The road slopes down a bit and before it passes under the freeway there’s a billboard stand that rises maybe a hundred feet up from the street so that the billboard could be seen by freeway drivers. Only, there is no billboard. Mounted to the top of that huge metal pole is a gigantic lawn sprinkler, and it’s suddenly alive and spraying out streams of gasoline hundreds of feet high. I watch in horror as it oscillates back and forth: first dousing the townhouses and dry scrubby hillside on the right, then soaking the street and neighborhood on the left.   [ read more... ]

Not to Get Caught

Dream | September 28, 2011

The big hand at my back keeps shoving me forward with an irritated urgency. It’s Ivan the Torturer, pushing me through the airport while he leads an older woman by the chain of her handcuffs. Nazi officers pass by occasionally, ignoring us. The era is World War II but the airport is modern in design, and at this late hour only sparsely filled with travellers. Then Ivan grabs me roughly by the shoulder and shoves me through a bathroom door. He yanks the poor woman after him and the door swings shut.   [ read more... ]

The Modern Amusement Park

Dream | August 13, 2011

At the entrance we pay our $25 each and walk inside the Modern Amusement Park. It’s suddenly night. Lasers and special effects dance across the courtyard just inside the entrance. Some of the buildings glow strangely, pulsing hypnotically. Each of us is drawn in a separate direction and I stroll into a castle. Very soon I’m lost, wandering through rough-hewn stone hallways occassionaly lit by brass-handled torches. In a remote room I meet a beautiful girl.   [ read more... ]

Peeling Off My Face

Dream | April 18, 2011

A buddy and I stood on a battlefield when a bomb exploded in our faces. Then we were in a white room like a hospital or an empty apartment. Our faces were torn and tattered, with skin peeling off around the cheeks and forehead. No bleeding, just shredded skin revealing red facial muscles. I started picking at it. Then I dared him to start peeling off his face while I peeled mine.   [ read more... ]

A Dying Dream

Dream | April 10, 2011

A supermarket converted to operational headquarters for a military coalition assembled to stem a revolution in Haiti. Monitors and control stations had been setup in the deli section. A constant stream of military personnel bustled about between the main area and the stockroom. I was some military officer in an unspecified branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. The coalition was sharply divided along ideological grounds with Communists hailing from Russia and China, and Capitalists from the United States, Israel and Britain. When the revolution outside had calmed down, violence broke out inside.   [ read more... ]

Jumping Over Trains

Dream | March 12, 2011

The strange fellow led me through a maze of gated communities pressed close together, until he said we had to jump or climb over a security gate, which I said I wouldn’t do. So we went around and eventually tramped along the rounded top of a brick wall between two houses. In front of us were train tracks. Dusk had seeped in. From the wall we jumped down in the grass with the mound of gray track ballast rising in front and stretching off to infinity on either side. The headlight of a train sparked in the distance, followed by the blare of its horn. I noticed the track was ruined; only traces of the rail and ties remained. The engine’s spotlight and its thunder approached quickly.   [ read more... ]

Reality TV in the Last Forest

Dream | March 2, 2011

The lottery winner was a ditzy young girl in her late teens or early twenties they had selected to star in a new reality TV series set deep in the Amazon rain forest. Suddenly I was there in the forest. The girl was grinning wide to show her bright white teeth while she went around and shook hands with primitive indigenous people. The natives just stood around watching her while she chattered away. The show tanked in the ratings and they quickly dropped in some random guy for a hasty marriage ceremony amidst the muddy rocks and trees. The girl became much more loud and obnoxious, running around in the jungle shouting, and when she came upon her husband she would scream and call him the name of some monster I cannot pronounce. He just smiled at the camera and looked perplexed.   [ read more... ]

Mickey Rooney Wastes Some Terrorists

Dream | February 7, 2011

So... I’m eating a subway sandwich while walking up the steps to the house in Mokuleia. In the living room four Arabs are threatening Mickey Rooney, his wife and an older man with dusty AK-47s. The terrorists — two men, a woman, and a teenage boy — are screaming in some language and I have this idea they are on TV making demands or some political statement. The captives are kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their heads, and the terrorists are pouring gasoline all over them.   [ read more... ]

Back from the Dead

Dream | October 23, 2010

At my next neighbor’s house I find a VHS tape on the porch. No label, just a bulky black plastic cartridge. So I take it home and put it in the player. Immediately I’m sucked into a movie. Michael Moore is standing there narrating into a microphone, with an F-14 Tomcat behind him. We’re on an Air Force base, I am the cameraman, and he is introducing his new documentary. “High-level sources have revealed this new classified information and we’re recording it now in case something happens to us,” he says as we walk towards the aircraft. “This is happening right now....”   [ read more... ]

The Ten Billion Dollar Bill

Dream | July 23, 2010

Two friends and I rob a bank. In the safe is a bunch of junk and a ten billion dollar bill. Needless to say it causes some problems.   [ read more... ]

Phone Call from a Distant Galaxy

Dream | July 20, 2010

I receive a phone call from a long-extinct alien species and their civilization in a distant galaxy.   [ read more... ]

Destroying Tokyo

Dream | July 6, 2010

It’s World War II and I’m in Tokyo. Instead of atomic bombs dropping on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Americans are invading the country, starting with Tokyo. I’m Japanese in this dream and attached to a small group of five military officers and advisors. In order to protect certain military secrets and to provide a surprise for the invaders we’re tasked with the destruction of two skyscrapers in the downtown area. In the distance the heavy thud of bombs being dropped from enemy aircraft shakes the ground. Nearby, the sounds of cars screeching and people shouting.   [ read more... ]

That Horrible Car Accident

Dream | June 10, 2010

The dream segued into watching Jennifer drive on the H1 freeway from Waipio to Mililani and she’s racing another driver when the freeway splits with a grassy median between. Up ahead in the left lane a car is on fire. As Jennifer screams past it the flaming car explodes. Then she’s gunning her car up a steep hill at 85 mph when the freeway makes a sharp turn left and she crashes through the branches of a monkey pod tree and over a steep hill and the car is rolling and crunching down into a ravine and I’m freaking out and calling the police.   [ read more... ]

On the Edge of the Windweld

Dream | May 9, 2010

Directly over the Windweld the air suddenly becomes very chilly. Blowing up from the deep dark depths it doesn’t have the lift of the slightly warmer air that facilitated my flight. I’m quickly dropping down into the gulf, panicking and frantically pumping my arms, banking towards the near edge. At the last second I roll and heave my body, landing on my stomach on the very edge of the Windweld, one leg dangling into the abyss. The wind is furiously whipping me towards the edge and I’m clinging onto smooth solid rock in this barren landscape. My left hand is scrabbling about on the smooth rock and finds a notch in which to dig my fingers. There I hang on feebly, half hanging over the cliff and drained of all energy.   [ read more... ]

Boy Toybot

Dream | May 2, 2010

I am a new robot with a bizarre purpose when I finally meet my maker...   [ read more... ]

Epic Fail for Security

Dream | February 20, 2010

So I go visit my friend Joe who is a security guard at a gas station with a mini-mart. He comes running out from the mini-mart when I arrive. “Hey man, there’s two guys with guns in there! I think they’re robbing the place!” “Call the cops!” I say.   [ read more... ]

Voodoo, Vomit, and Flooding

Dream | February 7, 2010

The first thing I remember was being waist-deep in a brown alley river in New Orleans. On either side were grungy, washed out buildings. In front of me was a large Creole woman with her hand stretched straight out and planted firmly on my heart. She was saying something to the effect that she had to perform some Voodoo magic on me if I wished to live in the city.   [ read more... ]

When a Man Becomes a Woman

Dream | January 24, 2010

Someone asked me to park their car someplace and they would pick it up in the morning. So I drove their car down to a parking lot downtown. At the entrance to the lot was a security gate and guard shack. Two guards inside were chatting. One white, one black. I asked them how much to park for 24 hours. The black guy smiled and handed me a card and said, “It’s on the back.” While I was looking at the card and reading the fees, I thought, What if I was a woman? That exotic female allure fascinates me. What if I was on the other side, exuding feminine power to helpless men? And then in the dream, I was a woman. “Why don’t you two take a break to have some fun?”   [ read more... ]

They’ll Never Take Me Alive!

Dream | January 22, 2010

It’s very dark. The tunnel extends down into a single black eye socket for miles in both directions. A spine of old sodium halogen lights dimly illuminate the way until the darkness swallows them up. A shot cracks on the wall near me! Someone is shooting at us. Out of the darkness about 70 feet away a row of soldiers is marching towards us and firing as they approach.   [ read more... ]

An Ugly Shark Attack

Dream | January 21, 2010

A large shark is in my face! It’s mouth is gaping wide and filled with tattered teeth here and there. In the middle of its throat and protruding from the roof of its mouth is a large curved tooth. On either side of the mouth are these small round eyes with a round black pupil in the center of each. They’re looking straight forward, presumably giving the shark binocular vision rather than normal lateral vision. That’s the ugliest shark I’ve ever seen!   [ read more... ]

Ghetto Party

Dream | January 19, 2010

I drove into some seedy neighborhood in a big fat car like a Cadillac. A buddy Raoul is lounging back in the passenger seat with his feet up over the window sill. We park in an alley around the corner from a liquor store and pawn shop and some hip people congregate around the car. I think we were looking for them. In particular I was looking to hook up with this lanky girl I knew. She slides up to me at some point and I rope my arm around her waist. She’s got cho-cho lips and that’s all right with me.   [ read more... ]

Catch that Fox!

Dream | January 9, 2010

After our marriage, Elizabeth and I jump into a murky pool. One end is covered over with leaves and has a row of dark cages. Wolves, foxes and other animals make strange growling and scratching noises inside...   [ read more... ]

Someone Stole My Truck and Motorcycle

Dream | January 5, 2010

I’m cruising down some residential street and Windsong is in the passenger seat and suddenly has to go to the bathroom. So I pull over to the curb and let her out. She walks along the sidewalk sniffing stuff. I get out and leave the truck running, and follow her in case I gotta pick up something she leaves behind. When I turn around, my truck is gone. I’m like, “Whoa! Where’d it go?” Perhaps some cars are blocking it from view. but no, I realize it’s been stolen.   [ read more... ]

A Singer and CEO

Dream | January 2, 2010

Running through wet cobblestone streets in some Eastern European country like the Ukraine. I’m wearing a suit and tie, and the sky is overcast and dismal. All around me are massive buildings in Greek and Roman architecture. They’re built by some ancient monarchy in its heydey, weathered by a half-century of communism, and now they are corporate offices. Up broad marble steps I bound, and between the huge pillars of the façade of a very imposing building. I have a meeting with the boss!   [ read more... ]

Wanted as Accessory to Vehicular Manslaughter

Dream | December 18, 2009

My sister Robin and I are on a school bus excursion. Otto the bus driver is acting recklessly and we’re egging him on. Someone yells out, “Car! Five points!” and Otto slams into the car—SMASH!—utterly totalling it. But the bus is barely damaged and now we are playing a game to see how many cars we can demolish. We’re racking up points and having a great time. When we start hitting pedestrians we hear police sirens. The rest of the dream is our run from the law through forests, Asian restaurants and malls and across Indian plazas. Along the way we meet bounty hunters and taser-armed officials, engage in ridiculous kung fu fights, try hitchhiking, and eventually make an aerial escape.   [ read more... ]

Getting My Sailboat Through the Tunnel

Dream | December 12, 2009

I’m in Italy. I have a sailboat on the Adriatic side of the peninsula, sitting in a little marina, and I need to get it to the Mediterranean side through a tunnel.   [ read more... ]

Smuggling Dope on the North Shore

Dream | December 9, 2009

The stakes are high and the load is too much for my normal methods of smuggling dope on the North Shore.   [ read more... ]

Where is My Backpack?

Dream | December 3, 2009

I go to a party with some drugs in my backpack. It gets lost or stolen and I have to recover it from a police warehouse.   [ read more... ]

The Worst Takeoff Ever

Dream | November 26, 2009

Looking ahead through the room I can see we’re taxiing down the runway at high speed. And the plane is dodging storage containers, tractor-trailers, earth-moving equipment and huge Terex trucks that were parked on the tarmac. At one point we ducked under a low overpass and the roar of the plane echoed dully off the reinforced concrete above. The airplane was able to get some altitude after that, when suddenly a huge skeleton of a building loomed ahead.   [ read more... ]

Three Angry Monsters

Dream | November 19, 2009

A Medieval street scene near the docks. Ships in the background with sailors and merchants going about their business. In the midst are these three grotesque monsters who have just disembarked and are immediately engaged in a vicious three-way battle.   [ read more... ]

Robert Plant Switching Bodies

Dream | November 15, 2009

Robert Plant switches bodies with his girlfriend right after their breakup. Some wacky stuff ensues...   [ read more... ]

A Flaming Bag of Plutonium

Dream | October 29, 2009

Getting rid of a bag of Plutonium is not as easy as putting it on Craigslist. George Clooney helps out.   [ read more... ]

It’s a Conspiracy

Dream | October 27, 2009

Ok, so I’m in some corporate environment with a sea of cubicles and lots of desks and whatnot. And a buddy named Walter and I are investigating some conspiracy. He gets abducted by two fellows, and taken into their airplane.   [ read more... ]

Suddenly in the Game

Dream | July 27, 2009

After meeting with my dad near Haleiwa, how the hell did I end up in the middle of a football game?   [ read more... ]

Going Camping with Michael Jackson

Dream | July 26, 2009

Another strange dream about Michael Jackson. Perhaps his recent death has inspired millions to have dreams about him. A fitting coda to his life. The dream ends up with some spectacular acrobatic display in an arena.   [ read more... ]

Michael Jackson is Invisible

Dream | July 22, 2009

I had a dream I was staying at Michael Jackson’s house and I was trying to rally the gloved one and some others to go on a nearby hike. Michael was invisible and that explained alot of things.   [ read more... ]

Robbing the Bank for a Few Rolls of Quarters

Dream | April 26, 2009

With his new invention a friend tricks me into robbing the bank for a few rolls of quarters. There follows a fast getaway in a sports car.   [ read more... ]

Dreams within Dreams

Dream | April 24, 2009

A single dream within which were nested other interesting dreams. Warning: sexual content and breast examinations.   [ read more... ]

iStab 2.0

Dream | April 13, 2009

Diplomatic relations go sour when I try to kill the president and prime minister of some South American country.   [ read more... ]

Margaritas with Layne

Dream | April 11, 2009

Layne and I have some margaritas on my last day of work, then we try to figure out what to have for dinner.   [ read more... ]

Smoke and Dust

Dream | April 10, 2009

I went to visit a friend working at a car dealership. Some drugs are involved.   [ read more... ]

Gold Dust Traveller

Dream | March 10, 2009

Travelling around the world with just some valuable dust in my pocket.   [ read more... ]

How to Fly

Dream | February 21, 2009

One of the more recent flying dreams actually started with trying to push a wheelchair into the surf at Sunset Beach with a bijon frise on my head (I’m serious) as a sailboat went by.   [ read more... ]

Furrier than Usual

Dream | February 19, 2009

In this dream I am a German Shepherd dog. Jennifer puts me outside and the world is suddently very surreal.   [ read more... ]


Dream | February 16, 2009

After a mutiny the captain is killed and I’m stranded on some planks until I find a sandbar in the middle of the ocean.   [ read more... ]

The Shovel Made Me Do It

Dream | November 23, 2008

A drug deal gone bad. A shovel as a weapon. Some other stuff...   [ read more... ]

Snakes in Her Stomach!

Dream | November 16, 2008

My sister has snakes in her stomach. Simultaneously a father and son are piloting a stunt plane they built.   [ read more... ]

To the Bottom of the Ocean in a Minivan

Dream | November 14, 2008

Some Asian friends and I accidentally plow a minivan into the ocean and sink to the bottom. Drowning in the vivid blue ocean can be a very beautiful death, but we miraculously survived.   [ read more... ]

Football Teams Play Badminton

Dream | October 19, 2008

I had won some prize where I got to play football with two major NFL teams in an exhibition game. But I was out of practice and we decided to play badminton instead.   [ read more... ]

Only One Room

Dream | October 17, 2008

I dreamt it so it didn’t really happen. If it did happen then I’ll probably be carried of in the middle of the night and all traces of my existence will be thrown into that bottomless pit in the Nevada desert. Remember, there is only one room!   [ read more... ]

J.Su Set Me Free

Dream | October 14, 2008

As early as I remember I had crashed this small catamaran on a desert beach where the old seawall crumbled to weatherworn boulders. While lying groggy in the shorebreak someone dragged me into a low canvas tent. Through the flaps I could see guards with rifles hovering nearby. At some point I leapt out and sprinted along the seawall about 100 yards before they shot me in the calf. Then I must have blacked out, or time skipped forward. The bullet had been removed and the hole roughly stitched up. As punishment for my brief escape they had used no anasthesia for the operation and now they were going to severely beat me.   [ read more... ]

Secret Meeting

Dream | October 8, 2008

Palestine or Israel... a beaten-up town somewhere. Bombed-out buildings with dead-eyed windows. I get invited to a secret meeting. Then all hell breaks loose.   [ read more... ]

Fast Food Jobs

Dream | September 18, 2008

A buddy at the fast food joint we worked at sets fire to the manager’s car, so we have to find a new job, but it only gets worse.   [ read more... ]

A Dragon Named Moby

Dream | August 23, 2008

I was a dragon named Moby who hung out on a ship’s mast. I chased away any crazy creatures which attacked the ship, or helped fight pirates and that sort of thing. One day the ship was slowed by some monster fish that was hanging out near the keel. Thus I was dispatched to resolve the matter.   [ read more... ]

Beer ATM

Dream | August 20, 2008

Trying to get money from an ATM that doesn’t dispense bills.   [ read more... ]

Summer and I make a Pizza

Dream | July 2, 2008

Summer and I make a pizza, then I hired some guy to erase a magazine cover but he made some amazing artwork instead, then I catch a lioness while fishing.   [ read more... ]

You Should be Dead!

Dream | June 14, 2008

We pull into a gas station late at night just in time for skinheads to rob it in the midst of a group of Canadian bicyclists. We escape but one of the crazy skinheads is in the car with us.   [ read more... ]

Zeca and I Steal a Van

Dream | February 16, 2008

Zeca was in my dream. We were hitchhiking around Sunset Beach and caught a ride with a guy in a van. He called us faggots so we beat the shit out of him, dumped him in a ditch and made off with his van, which we decided to dump at Kaena Point.   [ read more... ]

Dennis Hopper and the Mysterious Actress

Dream | November 7, 2007

I meet Dennis Hopper in a strange building while I’m riding around, then some girl takes off her shirt for me, then we end up on the banks of a lake with a mysterious actress whose name I cannot recall. Jeremy Irons makes a cameo as Superman and that’s that.   [ read more... ]

Peeing in Public

Dream | November 4, 2007

It rained hard last night, all night, soaking the ground thoroughly. Jennifer stayed over until after midnight, then I drove her home in the downpour. Perhaps the torrential flooding brought on an especially strong case of needing to pee while sleeping...   [ read more... ]

It Started on the Beach in Mexico

Dream | May 12, 2007

Walking in the desert, sitting on a beach in Mexico, part of a movie being filmed, off through the jungle with Tarzan, riding on a horse to a picture perfect scene, under a rowboat during a storm...   [ read more... ]

Universal Claustrophobia

Dream | January 10, 1985

A nightmare! Ropes all around me. Thick, heavy ropes, holding me tight so I cannot move. I’m in the middle of a huge ball of rope as gigantic as the earth, with ropes stretching across the universe. It’s crushing me tight. The insane feeling of claustrophobia is overpowering. I struggle and flail about, panicking, going crazier by the second.   [ read more... ]

A Father and His Homicidal Daughter

Dream | January 13, 2013

A dream about a father and his homicidal daughter   [ read more... ]

Death but No Deal

Dream | February 21, 2013

Two rival drug cartels cannot come to an agreement.   [ read more... ]

Strange Violent Times

Dream | February 28, 2013

I'm in New York on a three-day vacation to see some sort of art festival. Although the dream starts innocently enough, I torch a woman in her house within a hotel room, fall in love with a robot, watch my van get shot up, get into a fight with a homeless man, and get confronted by evil robot dogs when trying to sneak back into the hotel. In the end I'm caught in a riot. Just another day in these strange violent times.   [ read more... ]

My New Haunted House

Dream | April 5, 2013

I find myself in possession of a haunted house....   [ read more... ]