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A Dragon Named Moby

Dream | August 23, 2008

I was a dragon named Moby. Way up on a ship's mast I hung out and chased away any creatures which attacked the ship. Sometimes I helped fight pirates, though I suspected that the ship I was attached to was actually a pirate ship, or perhaps some sort of mercenary vessel.

Most of the time my tail was wrapped around the mast and my head was up around the crow's nest. Life was pretty easy.

The crew was complaining about some very large fish that had taken up residence underneath the ship and was disturbing its progress through the water. They told me to go investigate, so I dived into the water. It was very dark under the ship and it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. Suddenly a huge eye opened and I could see the gigantic black shape of a whale! But it seemed rather benign and moseyed off before long. After I left I began to notice a huge, vicious fish like a sturgeon that became clearer to me as my vision improved. It aggressed me, snapping its sharp teeth as I swam near the keel to survey the situation. This monster fish was as long as the ship and nestled close to the hull like a pilot fish under the belly of a shark. This was certainly what was causing the erratic course of our vessel, and thus it was my task to get rid of the nuisance.

Under water I could not breathe fire, and during the dream I don't remember ever doing so anyway, but I did have some sort of sharp spear that protruded from my pointy and almost tube-like snout, so that I could inject this weapon into the fish and other adversaries. With this I stabbed the fish repeatedly and succeeded in driving it away from the ship and ultimately killing it. Toward the end of the dream I was feasting on huge portions of cooked fish, curiously enough with a fork, until I woke up.

The day before this dream occurred I had heard Moby's Porcelain.

In my dreams I'm dying all the time

Perhaps this is where the name Moby came from. I had also looked up the animated movie Fantastic Planet, which featured a similar dragon-like creature chasing the Oms.

Tags   Fantasy   Violence   Death   Transformation

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