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An Ugly Shark Attack

Dream | January 21, 2010

Way back in the dream I had begun working at a printing company. They were located in a tall, cylindrical building supported by three three gigantic internal columns. The bottom few floors were a vast open space with partly partitioned rooms. Since I was new I needed a place to stay and was told to speak to this woman who was one of three partners who rented rooms in the lower floors.

So I secured a place and got to talking with this woman for awhile. Afterward I had nothing to do and it was the weekend, so I thought, "Let's go to the beach!"

The scene transitioned with a cheesy action montage of people having fun at the beach—a guy diving for a frisbee, sexy women lounging on the sand, and a guy playing with his labrador retriever. 80s beach rock played briefly and faded out.

So I'm at the beach with Windsong, my German Shepherd. And we're walking along the shore and the shorebreak is crashing. The lab makes an appearance again, and begins playing with my dog. I find a tennis ball and chuck it out into the shorebreak to get the dogs into the water.

Windy springs out into the low rolling surf, followed by the lab who seems obsessed with the ball. Soon I'm wading waist-deep and diving into the shorebreak and swimming about. I find the ball bobbing like a cork and throw it about twenty feet away, just beyond the shorebreak. Windy goes chugging after it but the lab is puttering around in ankle-deep water, nosing around for something.

Suddenly Windy cries out in a child's voice, "Help! Help! ...a dog!" She's thrashing around in the water, and near her in the water is a dark shadow.

I surge out towards her, and she's pulled under for a few seconds, thrashing wildly. When I reach her I grab her torso and pull her towards me, dunking myself underwater to see what's going on.

A large shark is in my face! Its mouth is gaping wide and filled with tattered teeth here and there. In the middle of its throat and protruding from the roof of its mouth in place of an uvula is a large curved tooth. On either side of the mouth are these small round eyes with a round black pupil in the center of each. They're looking straight forward, presumably giving the shark binocular vision rather than normal lateral vision. That's the ugliest shark I've ever seen!

The gaping maw is moving closer to me and in the corner of my eye I see Windsong's leg leaving a trail of wispy blood through the water. From somewhere I think that to repel a shark you have to punch it in the nose. So I draw my fist back out of the water and above the surface, and thrust down onto its pointy nose. Konk!

The shark's mouth closes slightly and it seems to have a puzzled expression. So I punch it again—biff!— but the force of a punch through the water doesn't give the impact I want, so I keep hammering at it, thinking I just need to wake up now...

The dream fades with that huge shark mouth still in my face, the beady eyes on each side, and that ugly curved tooth right in the middle. And I wonder why Windsong called out, "Help! Help! ...a dog!" Did she think it was a malicious dog in the water, chomping on her leg? Did she mean, hey buddy, help..a dog out? It was the only time she had spoken in the dream.

Tags   Animals

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