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Beer ATM

Dream | August 20, 2008

We had to take an amphibious taxi along a rocky shore somewhere in a psychadelic landscape. But I had no money. So I ducked into an underground garage with stalactites hanging from the ceiling, to locate an ATM. I found a bank of machines adjacent to a car repair garage. Inside, a couple of mechanics sat around an old disassembled car. I slipped my ATM card into one of the machines and tapped at some buttons. A heavy clunk sounded inside the machine, but it wasn't giving out any money. I stood there scratching my head.

Then I turned around and asked one of the mechanics if the ATM machine was broken. They sat there chuckling. I turned back and noticed a silvery can in a dispenser tray on the front of the machine. I pulled it out.

It was some cheap domestic beer in a short 8-ounce can. Apparently it was a beer-dispensing machine. It never did return my ATM card.

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