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Boy Toybot

Dream | May 2, 2010

First thing I remember was being up on a mountaintop, walking towards a long house straddling the highest ridge. On the next ridge down was a smaller house and I think I was staying there. Some friends were inside and we scrounged around in the sparse fridge for some dinner. Later we stayed up and a couple of them played cards. For some strange reason I didn't...

In the morning I walked down the mountain in my burgundy robe. In the front pocket I stuffed an apple, a small bottle of water and a Mag-Lite flashlight.

Very quickly the mountain paths widened and became dirt roads. Dirty shacks were the start of a village which looked more and more like the towns of Mexico I have lived in — San Miguel De Allende and Sayulita, or the myriad cities of Mexico I have walked through in my life.

The architecture improved into that rustic Spanish Colonial style. I strolled through squares and hallways and along stone sidewalks and cobblestone streets. Colorful houses brightened the cityscape.

A bus stopped nearby and I hopped in. Fellow passengers toted hand-woven bags or carried chickens. The bus driver yacked with another fellow near the front of the bus.

Finally the bus stopped at a junction where a bunch of banners were strung along the street, blocking the bus from going any further. The driver said something like it was the end of the line and some people began to disembark.

Unsure if I was at the destination I sought, I got up but left my robe on the seat. Standing in the front entrance adjacent to the driver I asked him in Spanish how much the fare was. He said it was free, but I felt obligated and wanted to pay him 10 pesos. So I fished around in my pocket and found a a 500-peso bill, worth about $40 the last time I was in Mexico.

"Hay cambio por quinientos pesos?" says I, and gave him the bill. The man he had been talking to got up from his seat and sat down in the first seat between the driver and myself. When I looked back at the driver he was ignoring me as if nothing had happened. He and the other guy exchanged a conspiratorial glance, chuckling briefly. I asked him for my change but he paid no attention to me.

Since that 500 pesos was all I had, and not wanting to get ripped off, I stretched my hand across the bus and grabbed my robe. The large Mag-Lite had become an aluminum baseball bat and I was about to jab the driver with it when the guy directly in front of me intervened, saying something and making movements like he was gonna push me off the bus, right through the door which was open behind me. I knew it! Now I was angry....

I jerked the bat back and thrust the heavy end at the fellow, knocking him soundly on the side of his face. Once more and he was incapacitated. The driver was trying to ignore what had happened, so I thrust the bat at him, yelling at him to give me back my money!

And that's about where I drifted out of that dream. I might've woken up or just transitioned this other dream...

A hot, sunny day. An open factory on a beach. Lots of people milling around and doing semi-official stuff. Sitting at desks, talking, etc.

Someone came up to me and asked me how I was doing. "I don't know" I says. They smiled and led me to a long row of tables along the sidewalk that separated the factory from the beach. They told me I was a robot and that I had just been made and now I needed to be programmed. At the next table was another robot who resembled this dream me. Light skinned, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and perhaps 6 feet. A beam of colorful light like a laser came out of a random point on the wall across from the tables and focused on his forehead. Then I was in his head, travelling through the beam of light to its source, seeing strange images, numbers and words being beamed into his mind. And my turn was next.

I moved along the row of tables but suddenly a backing arose from the table and things were stacked up on this backing, obscuring the view of the wall. I was concerned about being misprogrammed, so I suggested to the person that we remove these backings so that the tables would be flat. He objected but I had already procured an electric screwdriver and was unscrewing the four screws on each backing. As I took them off I noticed there were shelves behind, with parts and stuff on each shelf. At the next table I saw rows of books, but the open side and not the spines. At that point I realized I was at the wrong side of the tables and that they were actually desks or workbenches. So I stopped and sat down, unsure of what to do next.

Along the sandy sidewalk a dog came sniffing. Even though I felt very blank, purposeless and lacking of any kind of knowledge, I knew that it was a German Shepherd. It came up and sat down next to me, so I scruffed its neck fur and we became friends. For the rest of the dream it followed me around until the bizarre ending.

This middle part of this dream I wandered around this chaotic workplace, inquiring for a manager, or someone to tell me what I was supposed to do, where I was supposed to go. Was I incomplete? Did I still need to be programmed? Nobody seemed to know...

Finally I entered a great open mess hall where people were eating and relaxing and chatting. By this time I was very frustrated. I bellowed, "WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?" repeatedly, walking around, looking people in the eyes, asking, "WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE?"

In one corner a meek fellow said a name like 'Amyl Somebody'. He wrote it down on a slip of paper and pushed it across the table. I picked it up and squinted at it. "How do I find him?" I asked, but the man just stared.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. A large, heavy, older man with a sagging face said reluctantly, "Come with me." The dog and I followed him into an SUV and we drove briefly down the beach road. Then he parked in a grove of twisted trees and we got out.

"Wait here," he said. I asked him his name. "Harry Johnson," he told me. Then he disappeared amongst the tangled trees.

The dog and I waited briefly, but my curiosity bade me follow. The path through the trees got very dense and I ended up clambering through some tight spaces crammed with branches and leaves. It was a mess. I wondered how Harry had made it through.

But I squeezed through the dirty branches laden with old spider webs clumped with dust and dried insect parts. I told the Shepherd to wait for my return.

In a clearing was a dilapidated old wooden house. I pushed the door open and went into the dimly lit living room. Green light from sunlit leaves came in through a smudged window. On the couch was Harry, sunk into the couch in a very relaxed position. He seemed to be very drowsy.

As I approached him another man came in. He was in his sixties and looked very much like me, only aged 40 years. "I am Amyl" he said. "You were looking for me?"

I told him I needed to be programmed. I did not know my purpose.

He laughed and told me to sit down and soon I would know my purpose!

Behind him a huge TV screen glowed and a pornographic scene was happening. A man was lying down on a low couch or bed, propped up against some pillows. He had an enormous erect penis about two feet long and a woman was bouncing up and down on it. Holding her up and helping her bounce were two men in masquerade masks. I was shocked but intrigued.

As I watched I was oblivious to the room I was in. When I looked around again I noticed Amyl was performing fellatio on the recumbent Harry right next to me. His dick was fully erect and Amyl was swallowing it with gusto. Someone else entered the room and sat down on my other side but I was too engrossed in the strange events that I don't remember him. When I looked back at the screen, two men were engaged in anal sex.

When Harry finally burst, Amyl stood up and wiped his chin. "Now it's time!" He put four capsules on the couch cushion between my legs. "Swallow those." I noticed a paper cup with water nearby. By this time I was kinda freaked out and wondered if they were going to do horrible, painful things to me. Was I some manufactured toybot for their pleasure? Would I get constantly sodomized my entire life? I had a hopeful vision of the German Shepherd dog smashing through the door, growling and snarling at everyone, aiding my escape. I waited briefly but nothing happened. Amyl and Harry waited expectantly. It was very quiet and still.

So I picked up the four capsules and put them into my mouth. Three green and one yellow. Then I took a gulp of water and tried to spit them out as part of the natural motion of drinking, but only three green pills spilled out into the cup. Amyl was watching me...

...as I drifted awake.

Tags   Bizarre   Sex   Animals   Transformation

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