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Catch that Fox!

Dream | January 9, 2010

Elizabeth and I got married. I don't remember the ceremony, but that euphoric glow is present as we're walking around a pool. I pick her up and cradle her in my arms like I'm going to carry her across the threshold.

“I'm gonna throw you in!" I say.

She throws her arms around my neck. “If I go in I'm taking you with me!"

“Okay, we'll both go in!" And I'm about to jump in, but she launches out of my arms and does a back flip into the pool.

I'm chuckling at that and do a neat dive into the water.

The pool is murky and brown. It's about 100 feet long and has a deep end and a shallow end. The shallow end, which is about 6 feet deep, is covered over with leaves and is very dark. We're playing and splashing on the deep end and it's hard to see the bottom.

So I sink down and crouch on the bottom, then spring up. On the way up Liz grabs my hand and when I come shooting out of the water she pulls me back down. When I spring off the bottom again she pulls me up to launch me out of the water. I do this several times and it's lots of fun. Each time I go down I close my eyes since I have contacts, but in the dream I can still see the murky brown water with patterns of golden light rippling off the walls.

The mysterious dark shallow end fascinates me, so I swim over so I'm under the ceiling of leaves. Along one side is a row of cages made of chain link supported by aluminum tubing. They look old and rusted. Across the bottom of the pool I'm walking. It's impossible to see inside them since it's so dark, and there's some kind of old tarp covering their doors from the inside.

Scratching and panting sounds. And then growling...

The pool water is now gone and the curved pool floor has now flattened out. A woman walks up and asks if I want to see the animals inside. Behind her Liz is crouched down, petting some animal like a small dog. Other people are nearby, interacting with canines and felines. I realize it's an animal shelter, enclosed in a chain-link fence.

“What's in the first one?" I ask.

She tells me they are wolves.

“Wolves are cool." I say. So I open up the first gate and three wolves come running out. One is black, one is silvery grey, and the last one is white. They're really fluffy and friendly. I pet one, then continue along the cages. Inside they are still dark.

At the very end is a cage with three doors stacked up. Three stacked cages I suppose. “What's in here?“ I ask her.

“There're foxes in there." She tells me.

So I open the top cage door, expecting to see an reddish creature with large orange eyes, but instead the animal curled up inside is dark grey and about the size of a two-month-old kitten.

Reading my mind she says they get more orange as they get older.

Gently I draw him out and hold him in my hands.

“Be careful with that one. He‘ll escape the first chance he gets!"

I'm walking around, holding this fox kit gently but firmly and stroking his body, and sure enough he seizes an opportunity between strokes to shoot out of my hand and towards the gate.

The caretaker is quick and puts her shoe down in front of a shallow hole under the gate, where some critter has obviously dug and crawled through before. She shoos him back with her shoe. The little fox is thwarted and turns back towards the yard. I'm stroll after him and am about to scoop him up.

Once the caretaker has walked away again that fox does a 180-degree turn and goes zipping back towards the hole and hardly slows down as he slips under the gate. I yell back to the caretaker “Unlock the gate!" but I'm already there and just decide to hoist myself over it.

The fox is streaking off through a desert wilderness of scrubby bushes and twisted trees. There's a path through the landscape but the fox is angling away from it. About fifteen feet behind him I'm running as fast as I ever have in a dream.

At one point he's going so fast that he starts flying off the ground like a plane taking off, and manages to get an altitude of about five feet. Since I'm getting close he's almost near enough that I can grab him out of the air. He's making little noises like huffing and puffing or panting.

Then suddenly he just drops straight down, out of sight behind a tree. On the ground is a big pile of dog doo. It's kind of on top of a hole, so there's a space underneath it. There's movement and some sounds so I know he's under it.

Crap! I'm thinking. I can't believe he did this!

But I go ahead and put my hand down on that pile of poo to grab him, and he slips out between my thumb and forefinger! I don't know he did it, but when he jumped into that pile he became really small, so he was able to jet out at that same size.

He arcs over the ground and lands in a pile of leaves and twigs and bark, concealed once again.

This time I bring both my hands down on each side of where I think he is, and make a tent. Feeling around in the leaves I find him and have a firm grip on him again. Gotcha!

Back at the gate the caretaker is waiting. She's stoked, and quite surprised I was able to capture him again. As I walk through the gate a full-grown red fox sniffs at me and the furry bundle in my hands.

“That's his father," she says.

“He's very handsome." I remark. He's reddish-orange with a white underside. On his chin is a white goatee that curls forward slightly at the end, which makes him appear wizened.

Since I've still got fecal matter on my hands from the chase, I ask the caretaker, “Is there a sink where I can wash my hands?"

Tags   Animals

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