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Dennis Hopper and the Mysterious Actress

Dream | November 7, 2007

First thing I remember was walking through the hallways of an office building. I had come to visit my bank for some reason and since there was a long line at the bank's door, it looked like I was gonna stand in line for quite awhile. This is boring, so I got onto my bicycle and kicked off down the halls at a reasonable speed.

This being not an ordinary building but one manufactured by the dreaming mind, the hallways were very convoluted as if designed by M.C. Escher — normal at first but having all sorts of interesting ramps and stairways and courtyards that make for a pleasant bike ride.

So I'm riding around and people are standing in lines here and there and I might turn a corner and the hallway might wrap around a large square stairwell that rose from the floor and people would be forming a line that curved around it and essentially filled up the hall. But remarkably, at no time during the ride did I collide with someone coming out of a doorway or standing in line. It just worked out that way I guess.

Okay, so turning a corner the hall ran alongside an open area and I came upon Dennis Hopper standing in the hall, watching a TV mounted to the opposite wall. In the open area people were sitting about watching the tube. I recognized the movie.

So I said, "Hey, you're in this!"

He grinned and said, "Yeah."

Then I rode on. This is where I got some random girl to take off her shirt and give it to me.

This girl was standing there in line and I stopped next to her. For some reason I imagined that we had met before and exchanged shirts and that she still wore mine, even though the shirt she had on was clearly a girl's shirt. When asked, she refused to give up her clothing and started to walk away. I followed on foot, insistent.

My bicycle had disappeared and replaced by two feet. We turned a corner and came into a courtyard with plants and a policewoman. I got her attention and told her this woman had my shirt. She assessed the situation and asked how I could prove it was mine. I pointed at the shirt and the words Tony Romano printed clearly amidst some cheesy graphics of a green meadow, blue sky or something-or-other. I said my name is Tony Romano. The cop then ordered the wearer to take off the shirt. The girl made an exasperated sound as she breathed out and pulled the shirt over her head and handed it to me. It promptly disappeared as things in dreams often do. She was attractive but very thin. In pulling off her shirt she had swayed so that she was just behind the cop and so all I saw was part of her body and her blue bra. What a gyp!

But I had gotten my shirt, so I kicked off again on my bicycle. Down the crooked hallway again.

Once again I came upon Dennis Hopper standing in the hall watching a different movie this time. In it he was driving along the banks of a lake in some strange vehicle shaped like a shallow teacup without a handle, so that it looked like he was piloting a flying saucer.

And suddenly we were there, on the shore of that lake. With us was some famous actress who I recognized in the dream but I cannot remember her name now. She has a prestigious beauty and sexuality which is aging well. She was sitting there and we were conversing about various things and I marveled to think I was just sitting there with them conversing about various things. I asked Dennis what it was like driving that crazy vehicle that looked like a teacup. It was a movie prop but still musta been fun. The vehicle came along the bank as a tiny model and I picked it up and flipped it over, dumping out the tiny Dennis Hopper who had been driving it. Inside and the underside showed no indication of how it worked. There was no space for a motor or propelling device for land or water, so I dropped it.

We were watching the shore and a small group of some indians or other wandering souls were walking along the far bank. Beyond was a forest and the low, late sun filtered through a glade. A few of the people were herding animals that resemble llamas and the mysterious actress pointed to some birds that milled around the llamas' feet and expressed surprise that all the birds were pregnant, which seemed odd to me because birds don't get pregnant. They just lay an egg and are done with it.

For some reason the conversation turned towards holiday cookies or desserts or something. The mysterious actress was suddenly standing at an oven there on the bank and talking abut how she and her family grew all this stuff as she pulled a plate of fruits from the mouth of the oven. On it were mountain apples and I told them how I loved them. Still not sure why she was pulling fresh fruit from the mouth of an oven, but hey, it's a dream.

Turning slightly I noticed a new man sitting on the bank with us, looking a bit like Jeremy Irons and I was sucked through his eyeball into his flashback where he was playing Superman, powerless against a plague of poisoned food around the world. The flashback started with military jets bombing a giant grey mound with the green neon words "Poison Food" on top. The bombs seemed rather ineffectual and Jeremy was hovering in the air having some sort of fit like a frustrated rage. At that point there was a nuclear explosion that utterly destroyed everything and blew me out of the dream world and into my bed, wondering what it all meant.

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