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Dreams within Dreams

Dream | April 24, 2009

This is a strange phenomena — Dreams within Dreams.

We were moving to some beautiful valley east of Los Angeles. It looked more like Arizona — dry and scrubby but very scenic. I wanted something lush and green but this place had a magnetic charm like Sedona. So we clumsily packed our stuff onto a trailer and lashed it down but we had done a horrible job coz the stuff was all spread out and not compact together over the frame of the trailer. We also had some ugly furniture some old man was guilting us into taking. We looked it over and took a bulky dresser, then wrapped the rest of our possessions around it. On the road Jennifer and I stopped someplace and slept in the cool grass. I fell asleep and dreamt I was talking to an attractive red-headed woman. I knew it was a dream and could do whatever I wanted. We were kissing, then undressing, then making love for awhile. I thought, Dreams rock! I woke up at some point and figured I probably shouldn't tell Jennifer about it. You know how people are often bored when you tell them your dreams.

So we drove on and eventually stopped at a lady friend's house. While Jennifer was puttering around in the kitchen I fell asleep on the couch and dreamt I had gotten to second base with our lady friend by posing as a breast fruit examiner. She giggled and offered hers up for evaluation.

What's strange to me is how these sub-dreams became memories during the same night's sleep.

So later in the main dream I'm driving on the freeway and see some guy on a three-wheeled Spyder. Being a motorcyclist I had taken an interest in the Spyder recently (the day before this dream I read several articles and even saw one in Glendale on Brand). So I waved to the rider as he passed. Further on he was in the right lane pushing his vehicle to start it so I pulled off into the shoulder and offered to tow him. He said he was fine and kept pushing.

As I was re-entering the freeway an arched bridge up ahead seemed to have sunk very low, but I think my vehicle was suddenly towering very high like a jacked-up monster truck. To avoid crashing into the bridge I swerved into the right lane and hit a Mercedes. I saw the accident in bird's-eye view and knew I had hit the front right bumper pretty hard. When I had cleared the overpass I stopped and ran to the car, which was totalled. A wilted woman was inside. I pulled her from the wreck and held her in my arms, asking if she was all right. She appeared to have several scratches and cuts but otherwise was fine. I carried her to a Starbucks and we got to talking. We were sitting at a round table and a couple sat at the table adjacent.

I told her about the dream-within-a-dream earlier, but I realized I shouldn't tell her I had been having sex or feeling breasts, so I stuttered and told her the woman and I had just walked around the neighborhood and such. My audience was obviously bored and the guy at the next table snickered and uttered something sarcastic that could've been part of their conversation but seemed more like an opinion that the subject of my dream-within-a-dream was quite boring.

After that middle segment, Jennifer and I were once again on our journey. Now we were visiting our lady friend's job at a school or institute out in the country. By this time I had been up for days and stank horribly so I took a shower. The water was hot and I passed out and dreamt I was on a road trip in the Southwest with some buddies. We were drinking some strange beer while parked at a lookout in a remote desert valley. The trunk had a few cases of it and I helped myself to a warm can. Some Asian boys stopped for a view. The whole bed of their truck was neatly double-stacked with perhaps a hundred or so miniature kegs of many different brands. While I chugged my one beer I remarked to someone that they had way too much beer but were obviously on some serious bender, joking they would probably be in a fender-bender at some point. As we drove on I fell asleeep in the back seat listening to my MP3 player.

In this dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream we were all partying at some friend's house. While he was out someone suggested we all clean it for him. What's very strange is that we poured bags and bags of dirt on the floor and proceeded to vacuum, at ludicrous speed, all the dirt and trash from the floor, fully expecting that the owner would arrive home from work at any second. I was washing the fridge down when I realized I could do this better in the bright lights of a car dealership, using some reddish radioactive liquid. So I drive to a Nissan dealership in San Diego and washed the fridge down in the last few minutes before they closed. The fridge towered to the ceiling as I admired the fine job I had done.

When I walked out into the parking lot I couldn't find my car. Indeed, I couldn't even remember what it looked like, except that it was blue. In the twilight I ran around amidst the cars on the lot. Some employee laughed and called out that I wasn't looking hard enough, insinuating he knew where it was. I called him an asshole, yelling at him that he should tell me before I get annoyed enough to go find him and beat it out of him.

...And those were the words on my mouth as I woke up from that dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream.

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