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Fast Food Jobs

Dream | September 18, 2008

I was working at a greasy fast-food joint. A work buddy had been disgruntled for awhile. At one point he disappeared, so I went outside to look for him. He was out between the shed and the main building, pouring gasoline over a beautiful burgundy Cadillac convertible parked there.

"What ya doin man?!" I asked.

"I'm done with this place! Pissed off good! Can't take no more of this shit!"

The manager appeared suddenly. "That's my car!" He didn't seem angry. Rather he seemed surprised and confused. "What are you doing man?" I'm not sure why we were asking him "what?" when "why?" might've been a more appropriate question.

My buddy resumed his rant, mostly about how pissed off he was and how he hated the place. Being oppressed. Called the manager the Man and so forth. Etc etc.

"What I ever do to you?" Said the manager.

At that point my buddy struck a match or clicked a lighter and threw it into the back seat of the Cadillac. The flames exploded suddenly and coughed up a mushroom cloud. But they burned down quickly, so my buddy threw the gas can right into the flames. A loud explosion and the fire leaped out and started burning up the adjacent buildings—the restaurant and the storage shed.

I think we left at that point. We went looking for another job since I presume we were both fired.

We walked around a bit before choosing one particular place. Some kinda burger-and-taco joint. It was a real mess, and super busy. There didn't seem to be any staff either. Customers were just waiting around and a whole lotta people were inside eating. In a side room the manager was doing something personal like reading a book. We asked her for jobs. She said yes. We were hired.

We quickly discovered the register was broken. We had to take orders by hand and tally up the amount. My buddy was in charge of making the food.

I started scrawling orders on sticky notes. The menu had all sorts of crazy names that quickly became confusing. I didn't organize the orders very well, my notes got shuffled, nor did I record whether they were paid or not. Random people seem to be paying me for various things, and random change was given. Some of the notes were given to my buddy to fill the orders. Very soon we were amidst a greater chaos than we had come into and exacerbated dramatically.

The manager sat in her office, completely oblivious. I think she was counting her money at that point.

I don't remember if any orders got filled, but my buddy was running around in the lobby and kitchen, carrying stuff, and looking very busy. Maybe he was trying not to get stopped by customers. They began to pester me about when they were gonna get their food. People started to ask for refunds, but I couldn't remember if they'd paid of not. Lots of people were raising their voices. It was getting loud, noisy, hectic. The rising din of angry people became a heavy, rhythmic, pulsing symphony which segued into an urgent steady bleeping sound and I realized my alarm was going off.

The alarm meant it was time to sleep for two more hours. I quickly sunk into another dream...

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