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Football Teams Play Badminton

Dream | October 19, 2008

I had won some prize where I got to play football with two major NFL teams in an exhibition game. My dad was there and he thought that was pretty cool, but I thought he was more the kind of guy who could appreciate this sort of prize.

During the game and I seemed to be playing all sorts of positions randomly. Once I fumbled the ball when it was thrown to me and the second time I threw to someone who wasn't ready. So during a break I was telling the team members that I hadn't played in a while and that I needed to warm up and practice for a bit before I could play a game. Like maybe even just jog for five minutes. But in fact I hadn't played since high school. They seemed to understand and the quarterback suggested we play something else. Someone suggested tennis or badminton. So we all walked down the road to Mokuleia and set up a badminton court in the grass in front of the cottage. But the nets were setup poorly, with various nets criss-crossing and nets against trees and so forth, so that a couple of players were between trees and bushes and had trouble participating. The game itself was also totally chaotic. Add to that a wind was blowing in from the ocean and causing the shuttlecock to go every whichway.

We convened again and discussed playing tennis instead.

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