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How to Fly

Dream | February 21, 2009

I've had a few of these dreams where I've been able to fly, so I thought I'd give some tips on how to do this. All you need is a large cardboard box.

Dreams tend to adhere to some tenuous thread of physical logic, so it's rare that I'm able to fly on my own. If I take the leap of faith I tend to do more plummeting than flying. So I find that an apparatus like a cardboard box can help bridge imagination and dream reality.

One of the more recent flying dreams actually started with trying to push a wheelchair into the surf at Sunset Beach with a bijon frise on my head (I'm serious) as a sailboat went by.

It all started when I was talking with some girl on the beachside of Kamehameha highway past Chun's Reef and we're admiring and/or disparaging some glass apartment building on the other side of the road and how clean and modern it looks and what a stark contrast it is to the rest of the predominantly wooden residential buildings of the North Shore. Then I wander into some restaurant and a whole bunch of neighbors are talking and playing cards at a table and my dad is there and some other friends. I chat for awhile then leave, realizing I had to get back to some place to meet someone, so I cross Kam Hwy and find their house near the road amidst the Haole Koa trees.

They're gone but their white bijon frise dog is sitting out on the porch and I believe it could get hurt or lost if not supervised, so I'm obliged to take it with me. I put it on my head 'coz I have to push this wheelchair I found.

So off I go towards the highway and the beach beyond. Over the road I go and down onto the sand and plow the wheelchair right into the surf. I have this idea that it will float and the current will take me on a leisurely tour along the coast.

The water is crystal clear and a sailboat is cruising by a few feet offshore and to my right a group of people are strolling into the water like a conga line of lemmings. They're trying to walk along the sandy floor like it was a path but the shorebreak is crashing around and making it difficult. They catch a line trailing behind the sailboat and are being tugged along through the water.

This wheelchair is not floating and the little dog on my head is getting uneasy, so I'm wondering if I need to lessen drag and ride the wheelchair more on the surface of the water. Thus I need to flatten the wheelchair a bit, which becomes a cardboard box that I'm trying to fly with. But it's hard to get it off the surface.

Soon the ocean water has vaporized and the sea bottom has become a grassy path instead. The sailboat and its train of people are just ahead and I'm trying to catch up. Suddenly a brisk headwind catches the front flaps and I'm able to maneuver off the ground slightly. Between the breeze and some random, inexplicable thermals I'm able to gain more altitude and speed.

Within a minute I pass the sailboat cruising along the grassy shore and head into a jungle-like grove. I have to steer and bank to avoid obstacles like vines, low overhanging trees and a flying octopus. I remember soaring around this landscape for awhile with that poor bijon frise clinging to my scalp. And then I woke up.

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