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iStab 2.0

Dream | April 13, 2009

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this psychotic dream I had... wouldn't you rather hear about that sexy dream yesterday where I banged that hot girl and woke up stiff and throbbing? Well, that's really all I remember from that dream, so let's hear about this bloody stabbing dream instead.

Actually the only part I remember is the very last segment. The rest of the dream involved some trade embargo in a South American country. Ships couldn't enter the harbor and I was dispatched to some warehouse to resolve the matter with the president and prime minister. Talks broke down and became violent.

I remember picking up a butcher knife from the table and stabbing the prime minister in the chest while the president reeled backward and shouted something. As I yanked the knife out the victim drew a gun from his bloody coat and pointed it at me. I either grabbed it from his hand or knocked it out because it clattered to the floor and I swung the knife at him again. He turned and ran out the door and I thrust the knife into his back a couple of times as he leapt a brief flight of cement steps and sprinted across the parking lot along the side of the building. As he crossed the road I caught up to him and stabbed him a couple more times in the back but he jumped a few feet ahead and clambered up a chain-link fence and into the scrubby jungle beyond.

My diplomatic tactics were counterproductive.

A shot cracked and I turned to see the president right behind me. Fortunately he had missed. I dodged around him as he charged. As I fled across the parking lot he fired again but I was weaving back and forth in a chaotic way.

When the gun ran out of bullets I woke up sweaty and groggy.

Tags   Crime   Violence

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