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It Started on the Beach in Mexico

Dream | May 12, 2007

We're walking though the desert, a bunch of us, and the path has all sorts of eroded rocks and water-carved formations close by. We're on an excursion, and it's Mexico I think. We're heading out into the desert, presumably from a large city like San Diego. We get to some kinda visitor center or a set of buildings next to the ocean. It's nighttime by the time we get there and there are already a couple small groups out there. Most speak Spanish and I get to practice on some fine Mexican girl. The group eventually gravitates out to the front area of the main building. It's sandy and the sound of the ocean is nearby. The sky is filled with stars. We're talking and I've made friends with some folks who lay on some towels or blankets nearby. It's very tranquil. There's someone parachuting and we are able to see him close up as he descends. He's fit and muscular because we can see this. He's got no shirt on and looks like He-Man. He's an actor they say and he's playing an action hero in this current role. I jokingly say the opening lines from He-man, by the power of Greyskull. I am Adam, etc. He grins and knows where I came up with that.

There is a counter in front of us (suddenly) like a concession stand in a movie theater lobby, just sitting in the sand on the beach. One of the guys next to me has a few gummi bears left in his bag. He hands me a couple of gummi cokes. One is coated in sugar crystals. I pick them up and tell the world in general that these are my favorites when I do eat candy (which is very rare).

A room has formed around us on the beach and there's a simulated jet airplane segment behind the counter and on the left are the sounds of people and equipment. I wander around the counter to see the segment of aircraft (just a few windows and the tube-like fusilage). The sounds of people panicking, screaming. It's a movie scene and they're filming a crash sequence. I realize I'm in the line of sight of the camera. I can see the director and cinematographer. I slink back to the right side of the counter and there's more equipment in the room now. Wires dangling, booms, and camera-cranes and such. Most of our excursion group is gone, but Adam is there doing some task. I go over to where the directors are behind the same, talking while the scene is being played out. It's rather continuous. The plane goes down into the ocean and little dolls (the people in the plane) fall into the ocean and bob to the surface again. I apologise to the director but he waves it off with an "it's okay but please shut up so we can finish the scene" look. They explain it's a digital camera and they can easily remove me in post. They say it's a cinch but they haven't seen the recorded "film" yet.

The scene is now a deserted island with the segment of plane on the beach like "Lost" and a couple of scraggly survivors (a bearded guy and a woman). Then it's a jungle scene, presumably later. Adam is running through the jungle like Tarzan, escaping something like a monster of some sort. I realize I might be in the camera's sight again. I duck under some equipment but the he-man guy jumps over the counter and sits right down on me, still acting his part. He's supposed to be hiding. He farted briefly but I cannot smell it.

Then we're running through the jungle. We come upon some indians but somehow get away and find some kinda treasure (we know it's the indian's treasure) in a horse-drawn cart. It's the classic chest of gold and jewels. I wonder why all the pretty jewels and gold are not amongst the indians and why indians would pile it all together like this. Adam sends off the cart along a dirt road into the forest but it comes back along a loop road. We head off into the forest, now on horseback. I think I'm on a white horse. I can see myself, like an actor in a film.

And then, instead of Adam, it's Anita and I, on foot, and we're looking for land. Some land her family owns. We're in some New England state and we come over a hill in the forest and there's a river just a short descent down. Across the river is a hilly meadow of grass and groups of trees. I can hear the ocean and on the way down the slight hill I see the ocean and horizon. I call out to Anita it's a great spot for a house. Right here. View of the river and ocean and the meadow is your front yard. Beautiful. I ask anita who in her family owns it. It could be worth a fortune with a house. It is worth a fortune right now, undeveloped. Anita wanders off and is gone.

I'm sitting on the back of the river, looking out at what I see, describing it to someone on a cell phone. It's amazingly beautiful, picture-perfect: vivid sky blue from a dark to magnificent cyan, crowned with fluffy, clumpy clouds. The ocean is green blue. The trees and grass are green and exquisitely detailed. A perfect scene. Suddenly a few flakes of snow. I joke to the person on the other end that it's a perfect scene but there's snow, a strange juxtaposition.

Suddenly the sky gets darker and clouds over quickly. It looks like the onset of a storm or some rainy weather at least. My lone horse is across the river in a group of trees. I run over there and ease up to it, letting it smell me and get comfortable. Its name is Umer or Urmer. I can smell its distinct horse scent.

An overturned metal rowboat is nearby. About 10 feet long and good for shelter from the rain. I grab Urmer's rope and lead it over there, securing it within reach as I lift up the boat enought to crawl underneath. It's a little heavy but as I manage to wedge underneath I hear voices. Strange voices of several men on horseback, approaching from across the river the way we came. Friend or foe? Who knows? Wonder where is Anita. Has she returned with these people? We're somewhat hidden and the gathering darkness helps.

Max the golden retriever suddenly appears and scrambles underneath the boat despite my protests. Wet dog! I wonder if Anita is close by because her dog has shown up. Urmer is somewhat restless so I tug on its rope to gather it close, but the voices and noises are dying away. I think I woke up then...

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