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It’s a Conspiracy

Dream | October 27, 2009

Ok, so I'm in some corporate environment with a sea of cubicles and lots of desks and whatnot.

A buddy of mine (we'll call him Walter the Wiseass ‘coz that's what he was in the dream) and myself are investigating some corporate conspiracy. We've got these walkie-talkie-like cell phones we use to quickly communicate with each other and are conducting our business with a brisk, authoritarian air.

So we're walking around interviewing employees and eventually we're talking with some guy who looks like Ethan Hawke. He's doing some paperwork and denying he's involved with this conspiracy and doesn't know what the hell we're talking about, etc etc.

We take a lunch break. Walter heads into the restroom and I walk out to the parking lot. A bright but cloudy day and something in the afternoon sky catches my eye. It looks like an elaborate box kite made of teak. Soaring out of the fluffy clouds about a thousand feet up, this kite appears to be towing an amphibious plane that resembles the flying version of a Chinese junk, with curvy, Eastern-style wings resembling sails, and ropes like rigging. It looks like the Sea Duck from Disney's Tale Spin as manufactured by medieval Chinese shipwrights. Another familiar example might be the plane Indiana Jones took in the first movie.

So it's soaring out of the clouds and flying a wide arc around the building I've just come out of and the first thing that pops into my mind is...

“I've got to get a picture of this freakin' thing!"

I'm near my car and start rummaging around in there for my camera. But I'm not finding it so I snap open my cell phone and I'm looking for the camera button, but it's a weird phone and difficult to navigate. On the phone's screen are clouds and the green earth and I realize the view I'm seeing is the view from the plane. I wonder, how can this be? It's very confusing...

Then I'm on the plane. Maybe not physically, but as if watching a movie, and I'm up on the plane's wooden deck as if it were a flying ship, with the aforementioned rigging and Eastern stylings around.

A man is standing at the stern. He looks like Ben Affleck but with long greasy black hair and bangs that make him look rather sinister. He's holding Walter the Wiseass's walkie-talkie phone up so that its camera eye is facing the rear and kinda accounts for the view I was seeing.

He turns and starts talking to another guy and it's Ethan Hawke from the office and it hits me: There is a conspiracy and these are the guys. But they're really just flying around in a plane and not doing anything wrong.

They both walk back into a room and inside is my buddy Walter the Wiseass. He's been stripped down to boxers and looks as if he's been roughed up a bit. Of course Walter is joking as always and being a smartass.

He's got a towel and he says to Ethan, “This is your towel, isn't it? Isn't it?"

And Ethan is like, “Yeah, so?"

In the back of the room is a large slot through which clouds are visible and the wind is rushing. Walter shoves the towel through the hole and the wind whips it out with a dry slurping sound.

“Aha! What're you gonna do about that, huh? You wanna hit me? Go ahead and hit me!" Walter the wiseass offers up his shoulder and Ethan takes a big ol' punch at it but Walter says, “Aw that felt great! Yeah, gimme another one! Gimme another one!" He offers up his chest this time and gets hit again.

“Yeah that's great man, great!" and offers up his shoulder again.

That's the last thing I remember...

Tags   Crime   Flying   Violence   Celebrities

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