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Michael Jackson is Invisible

Dream | July 22, 2009

It started in a large, luxurious room at Michael Jackson's ranch...and with a voice. Definitely his voice. Nobody else has that voice.

Michael and I were talking about a hike that was near the ranch called Stairway to Heaven. A narrow ridge over a broad waterway like an aqueduct with stairs carved along its trough. Just a narrow stairway across the water. You were supposed to run along it, and it was up and down like a roller coaster. At one point it curved very steeply up and the stairs were worn away smooth. If you ran fast enough you could clamber this dusty hill to get past that dangerous point. It reminded me of hiking up the very narrow ridges of Mt. Ka'ala where any mistake meant plunging thousands of feet to your death.

So we were talking about doing this hike and we watched a couple of guys running along the stairway and scrambling up that gnarly hairy part that sloped up. Michael said he would do it, but not tomorrow.

At one point I realized Michael Jackson was invisible. I could hear his voice, traveling around to different places. He said he had made himself invisible because he was very shy and didn't like all the media attention. When he wanted to make himself appear he would put on clothes like his military outfit. And he would paint his face white because so many other people were white and he wanted to blend in.

So he put on a military outfit with short sleeves, and was dancing around, but I said it looked strange coz I couldn't see his arms. So he put on a black long-sleeved outfit with his white gloves, a black mask over his mouth and his classic black hat with an attached wig. But his eyes were hollow, kinda creepy. So he painted his eyes white, but there were no pupils. So I suggested I could get him some colored contacts. Then he put on mirrored sunglasses and was dancing around. Now he was complete and looked like Michael Jackson would normally look at a concert.

Around that point people began to filter into the room — friends and family and security. The place got really busy and Michael left. And I was just some guest and it was like a party except everybody was just doing their daily routine. I asked a couple of guys if they wanted to do the hike and they said sure, so I set about gathering a small party of people who might like to go.

I went poking about in the movie case, which was more like a large cooler filled with water and ice. Movies in small cylindrical glass containers like prescriptions drugs were floating around and each one made its sale in a very strange systematic way. While rifling through I picked up one which revealed the insane adventures of its psychotic protagonist in curious labels wrapped around. Instructions: Take this movie with alcohol. At some point an attractive girl sidled up to me while I was poking around in the movie case, asking me if she could watch the movie with me, but I noticed a guy was watching her from the couch who was evidently her boyfriend. He didn't seem to mind I was chatting it up with his girl. His smile even seem to indicate he approved. Perhaps he wanted to watch the movie too. I said "yeah, sure."

I asked the security guards where I could watch a movie and they said there were two theaters. One was a miniature coliseum on the side of the house which was actually a large theater, and the other was a smaller, more intimate venue nestled in a glen of trees down the road, and this one they recommended as a better viewing experience and less likely to be taken.

This was Michael Jackson's ranch, so I figured there must be a billion movies. So I went around to a a hall where a woman was putting on makeup in a shallow recession with an elegant mirror and sink. Older black woman who could have been his mother or an aunt. I sat down on the floor and waited for her attention. She was very engrossed in putting on her eye makeup, so I waved my arms and inquired as to the movie vault. She said check the chest. Those were all the movies. She said they were primo, la créme de la créme.

So I went outside and saw that girl again, sitting on a bunch of green branches, leaves and other green stuff in the bed of a pickup truck. SHe was tying them down. Near her was a cylindrical display case with orchids packed around it. I asked her if she wanted to go on the Stairway to Heaven hike but she said she was taking the orchids to a fair which was a once-in-a-lifetime event and would love to do the hike when she returned in a couple days. I said "ok" and walked around the house, past the mini-coliseum and right before I woke up there was a beautiful view of the ranch.

Tags   Celebrities   Transformation

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