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The Modern Amusement Park

Dream | August 13, 2011

We're on our way to the Modern Amusement Park we've been hearing about. My family and I are walking through this neighborhood in the late afternoon. Near the entrance I entrust my dog to a little girl.

At the entrance we pay our $25 each and walk inside the Modern Amusement Park. It's suddenly night. Lasers and special effects dance across the courtyard just inside the entrance. Some of the buildings glow strangely, pulsing hypnotically. Each of us is drawn in a separate direction and I stroll into a castle. Very soon I'm lost, wandering through rough-hewn stone hallways occassionaly lit by brass-handled torches.

In a remote room I meet a beautiful girl. Dark hair and skin, exotic looking, possibly Italian or Spanish, very voluptuous. Immediately we hit it off. Soon we are in an embrace, talking like intimate lovers, then kissing passionately. We make love on a bed in the corner of the torch-lit room. It's amazingly real.

Then our relationship shifts quickly like a montage of experiences. We alternate between the extremes of intense love and hate: fighting bitterly or embraced in lust. Finally we reconcile, vowing never to fight again. We hold each other tightly, my arms around her naked body, caressing her slender hips and pressing her body against mine. Some dreams are so real they leave a lasting sensation and embedded memory.

She's crying softly into my chest, telling me to go, but I know she is asking if I am going to go or stay. I lift her up so that her legs are wrapped around my waist and I lay her down in the bed again. I'm kissing her lips, then her face, then licking her breasts, and finally I'm licking her delicious pussy. Then I mount her and we make passionate love for what seems like an eternity. Then it's all dark.

In the middle of a large domed room she's dancing like a gypsy. It looks like the castle's banquet room, possibly high in a tower. Heavy stone floors meet intricately carved wall pillars that arch towards a common meeting place in the ceiling from which a chandelier is hung. Low beds draped with fine linens are scattered about the room. While she dances an older woman near me is watching her with hate or jealously.

At one point my lover dances close to me, and the older woman draws a dagger out and lurches forward with the intent to stab the dancing girl. I lunge out and grab her arm, forcing her down and subduing the attacker. Someone of authority whisks away the captive. Before all goes dark again my lover and I are laying together on a bed.

Then I am wandering the stone halls again, alone. The girl is fading into memory like a dream within a dream. On the wall a torch in a brass holder flares up suddenly. The flame is blue, and it shoots out with blowtorch precision to form the shape of an armored hand with fingers extended. It's the logo of an ancient brand I've seen somewhere. Words are whispered through still air: "Jameson... the experience..."

After awhile I come upon wide glass doors. Laser-etched onto their surface are the words Jameson Whiskey, with the logo of the armored hand. Was that whole experience just an advertisement? Was I playing a part in a staged play? Was that woman merely an actress, acting out that part with every man that comes wandering through the castle? It was incredibly vivid and real, from the personal bond we formed to the raw sensuality and the emotional turmoil.

The impact of that memory hits me. I'm suddenly dizzy and fall to the floor of a circular courtyard just inside the entrace to the castle.

When I come to, I look up. Columns surround me. People in medieval costumes are walking past me, some pushing carts. So I get up and exit through the glass doors and out into the vast plaza of the Modern Amusement Park.

The endless night frames laser beams criss-crossing space or forming animated shapes or lighting up the ancient building façades that enclose the plaza. In the very middle is an open food court. While I'm browsing the selection I meet Scott from work.

“Did you check out that castle?" I ask him, and he says “Yeah!"

“Did you meet that girl, and go through that whole drama?" I ask him, and he says “Yeah, that was great! I think it was an interactive ad."

“That's what I thought. So you had sex with her? You licked her pussy?" He chuckles at that. “Yeah!"

Then we're walking between the tables, looking for something yummy. All the food looks delicious, but none appeals to my stomach. Feeling in my pockets reveals they are empty. Oh well.

Heading for the exit now, ahead. I see two sets of wide, shallow steps leading out of the courtyard and I'm going to fly over them. So I'm running fast, streaking across the pavestones. Just before the first step I leap into the air, arcing high over people's heads, swimming through the air. As always, I love the feeling of flying in a dream. But I cannot seem to land where I want. Instead I get drawn backwards so that I land where I would've with a normal jump.

I'm outside the park now and the sun is shining bright. As I walk away I hear a whistle towards me but I ignore it. Then another whistle. I turn around and Windsong my German Shepherd is bounding towards me. Behind her in the yard behind a gate is the little girl playing a game with an older boy.

“What's your name?" I ask her.

“Makita" she says. I tell her my name, then I ask her if she has been to the castle in the amusement park. When she nods I ask her what she saw.

“It was a play about a man and a woman. They were kissing and then fighting, and then she was dancing. My daddy says the castle is different for everybody."

“Thank you for watching my dog." Then I'm off with Windsong, heading away from the Modern Amusement Park.

Tags   Sex   Fantasy   Flying

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