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Only One Room

Dream | October 17, 2008

I dreamt it so it didn't really happen. If it did happen then I'll probably be carried of in the middle of the night and all traces of my existence will be thrown into that bottomless pit in the Nevada desert.

I think I was walking Windsong (my German Shepherd dog) through a tenement neighborhood where Jennifer and I lived. In front of our house was a nice grassy spot with a tree in the middle. We laid down for a bit on the green grass and I scarfed some chicken. Soon some older neighbor lady came out and sat down nearby for a chat. Then Jennifer showed up and took a nap on the grass too. It was a sunny day, nice and warm, and perfect for an afternoon snooze. The neighbor lady left at some point after commenting that we were right on the street and she didn't like hanging out here too long 'coz it was so public.

So Jennifer and I went to our building and went through the front door. We opened up the wrong door somewhere and were inside a small room with one man in a uniform sitting in from of a huge monitor that covered one wall. Behind him the back wall was covered with smaller monitors, blinking lights, and data panels with information displayed on them. Jennifer asked him some question but I was distracted by an email being shown on the gigantic monitor. Something about the middle east and the text was silly and obviously some kinda code for a terrorist operation or plan. The man had typed some notes at the bottom about his interpretation and so forth. It dawned on me that we had stumbled upon some secret government room where officials read mail, scanned emails and listened in on phone calls, and processed all the data. I thought there must be thousands of these rooms all over the nation or the room and that we were all being constantly surveilled.

We were making movements to go and the man looked at us ratherly sternly, not smiling or making any attempt at a courteous goodbye. I was concerned that we'd soon be unpersons. So I said that we won't tell anybody what we saw here, but I did have one question. I asked him how many of these rooms were there in the world. And he said flatly and ominously, there is only one. As if, there is only one and don't you forget it!

So we left. I suppose it could have been a security room for the building. But I didn't believe that. I wanted to write about it but was afraid of the consequences.

We walked up several flights of steps and exited through an elevator door into a vast warehouse like a Costco filled with shelves of goods. Down the main aisle we walked. Jennifer got to talking with someone at the corner and I noticed that the man had been talking to someone on a platform on top of the wide shelves. On the platform was the room with the government surveillance man at his computer monitor. There were no walls or other devices this time, except for some other computer equipment on his desk. He had a view of the whole warehouse up there and he was surrounded by dry goods and boxes that were stacked around on the shelves.

While Jennifer chatted, I walked down towards the fruits and vegetables. An Armenian guy in his twenties was talking on the phone, bragging about all these freshly sliced fruits and vegetables he had. Indeed, he was sitting within the display of fruit and hovering over a large half-crate of sliced melons and red delicious apples. I sauntered by and grabbed something akin to a canteloupe or a fat cucumber that had been sliced in half and was deformed so that it had a natural hole in it where you could hook your thumb through to grab it as I had done. I wandered back to Jennifer but realized maybe I was being rude by taking the man's stuff, so I went back and asked him. He was still on the phone but said it was no problem, go for it, take it man! He even offered me more and started to walk me back towards Jennifer.

As I came near her she was very excited and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me into an aisle. All around us were bottles of wine and liquers and hard liquor. She was saying something about picking out some wine when I noticed a small group on people farther down the aisle, gathered around a petite elderly lady in her 60s or 70s holding leash attached to some gigantic animal as big as a rhino but resembling a boar.

I was not so startled at first until I made the connection to the man-eating boars from the movie Hannibal. This one could've eaten this whole crowd if it wished. Large tusks curved from its ugly jaws and it was snorting and snuffling at me. I realized it was very interested in the fruit/vegetable thing in my hand. It was kinda nudging hard in an aggressive way, shoving me backward and chomping at my hand! So I threw the fruit/vegetable thing down the aisle away from me and the boar started to go crazy, angrily shoving people around and snorting and huffing and puffing, trying to get that yummy thing it wanted. We ran out of that aisle and down the main aisle, still hearing the strange mayhem behind us.

A shout went up on an aisle parallel to ours, perpendicular to the alcohol aisle where the boar was snorting and screeching still. Some tall guy with a bushy afro was approaching that aisle, but it turned out to be some wrestling contest with some other competitor who was hoisted up on his shoulders and flung into a group of running people, scattering them like bowling pins. As I came nearer I could see dazed people laying on the floor in contorted positions, while other wrestled around on the floor. And still I could hear the boar crashing about and snorting.

Then I woke up thinking that since it was a dream, I could actually write about the secret government rooms where they surveil people. So tell the people!

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