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Peeling Off My Face

Dream | April 18, 2011

A buddy and I stood on a battlefield when a bomb exploded in our faces.

Then we were in a white room like a hospital or an empty apartment. Our faces were torn and tattered, with skin peeling off around the cheeks and forehead. No bleeding, just shredded skin revealing red facial muscles.

I started picking at it. “I dare you to start peeling off your face while I peel mine." Reluctantly he took a loose flap of skin and tore off a swath from his cheek while I ripped strips from my face until only the muscles remained. I was so enthusiastic I didn't realize he had stopped early on and what was left of his face remained mostly intact.

Looking into a mirror, I was tripped out by the effect of my lidless eyeballs bulging out of the contoured facial muscles. For the first time I noticed we both wore tan military uniforms decorated with stars and bars and other shiny stuff.

“Take a picture!" I asked him. With my camera he snapped away while I made weird expressions with my new face. After each shot I saw a still image of the photo in my mind. Although I was thoroughly enjoying myself, he had an expression combining worry and revulsion.

Jennifer appeared around that time, freaked out by my bizarre new appearance. She hustled me out of there and dragged me around to various places to see if we could have my face repaired.

Somewhere in there I drifted awake... then back asleep.

I found myself on a strange operating table, strapped down so that I could not move my head. The surgeon was chattering in Chinese but I understood that he was covering my face with a thin layer of stem cells. Then a blue laser beam would systematically activate the cells — much like a digital printer passes back and forth to create the image — and regenerate my face.

While the laser etched a blue grid on my face, I woke up.

Tags   Bizarre   Destruction   Authority

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