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Phone Call from a Distant Galaxy

Dream | July 20, 2010

The phone rang.


Just static for about 5 seconds… then the call ended. I shrugged with my mouth and hung up.

That night I read the news that everyone in the world who possessed a phone had also received the same call. Government agencies and scientific foundations reported that the signal had come from a distant galaxy. High-quality digital recordings of the signal had been fed through several supercomputers. Initial reports described the transmission as a vast amount of information which would take many years to understand in its entirety.

Calculating its source they speculated it had probably been sent more than 12 million years ago.

However, the signal's code was simple to decipher and scientists claimed that an outline had been made. It began with a distress message, that an extinction-level event was about to occur and destroy the species sending the transmission. The rest was a compilation of their civilization's culture and vast achievements spanning many millennia in exquisite detail...all compressed into a 5-second phone call.

This was half-conscious idea as I drifted awake. I think the phone ring might have woken me up. In a dreamy state I wondered who it could have been, imagining the call coming from millions of miles away and containing some garbled message of dramatic importance.

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