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Reality TV in the Last Forest

Dream | March 2, 2011

In this dream my sister bought a bunch of hard drives that I was going to install in her computer. They morphed into VHS tapes and while I asked her why she had bought VHS tapes instead of DVDs a news program on a TV in the background announced a new lottery winner.

The lottery winner was actually a ditzy young girl in her late teens or early twenties they had selected to star in a new reality TV series set deep in the Amazon rain forest. Suddenly I was there in the forest. The girl was grinning wide to show her bright white teeth while she went around and shook hands with primitive indigenous people. Apparently it was a fish-out-of-water themed show. The natives just stood around watching her while she chattered away.

Well the show must've immediately tanked in the ratings coz they quickly dropped in some random guy for a hasty marriage ceremony amidst the muddy rocks and trees. To liven things up the girl began to be much more loud and obnoxious. She would run around in the jungle shouting, and when she came upon her husband she would scream and call him the name of some monster I cannot pronounce. He just smiled at the camera and looked perplexed.

I could hear her shrieking in various parts of the jungle, and catch glimpses of her bright flesh through the rampant vegetation once in awhile. So I strolled over to a clearing where the husband and chief of the indigenous tribe were sitting on collapsible beach chairs and staring at each other. The chief had been dressed up in a garish Aloha shirt and khakis.

As I walked over I began to notice bits and pieces of trash. Discarded burger wrappers, soft drink cups, cigarette butts and torn receipts, and those little plastic clips they put on bags of bread.

At first I couldn't believe it. "Hey... there's ..trash on the ground." I bent down and started picking stuff up. I saw more and more. "What the fuck is this?! Who the fuck threw garbage on the ground?" It was making me angry, like when I see litter on the ground in Hawaii.

The chief just stared at me with a tired expression. The husband mumbled "oh yeah I —" he looked around at the ground but didn't get up.

By this time I was furious. I was walking away from the clearing picking up garbage, shouting "How can you litter the Amazon?!"

Ahead over a wide valley a set of red dirt hills and buttes rose over the verdant forest. They looked like desert monuments of the Southwest. Strange angled lines sliced into the slides that I realized were roads neatly spiraling around these mounds. They had once been forested hills, now clear-cut to dirt.

I was shouting up at the sky, wishing my voice would shake the Earth. "This is it! Once it's gone that's it! THIS IS THE LAST FOREST ON EARTH!"

To the right of the dirt hills a busy ten-lane freeway was raised over the valley. Through a haze of gray smog a thick traffic of cars, trucks and tractor-trailers was rushing in both directions. The forest was already ruined.

At this point I fell to my knees with my face in my hands, tears pouring out. I sobbed more than I ever had during waking life. I know it sounds cheezy but that's how it happened. That scene had such a dramatic impact that I was lying on my back my body convulsed with sobs while the tears flowed out on each side.

Just before I woke up I heard the husband say something to the chief and they both chuckled.

Tags   Travel

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