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Robert Plant Switching Bodies

Dream | November 15, 2009

Robert Plant was dating this young girl. An attractive female cop who has half his age and resembled the sweet yet tough Sandra Bullock. Neither were married and their relationship was not a bad thing, but the media wouldn't let them alone. Photographers and journalists would swarm over them whenever they met.

So they decided to meet one last time to call it off.

When Robert returns to his tour bus or RV after their last meeting, he's looking around for his hat. He finds her blue police-style baseball cap and puts it on. Almost immediately he has these fits and jerks his right hand back like something she used to do. Then he becomes rather emotional about their break-up, sobbing and such, and decides to go for a walk.

Out on the street he's approaching a group of black-clad street thugs circled around their leader, who is toughly relating how he just broke up with his girl. He says it with a sneer as if it meant nothing to him. But Robert hears this and he starts running toward the leader with his arms outstretched, crying and yelling, "oh man I'm so sorry!" in a very sympathetic way.

The leader is like, Fuck! coz there's this aging and slightly overweight rocker running towards him and bawling like a woman. So the gang takes off and runs into a secluded alley so they can kick this strange guy's ass.

But Robert is now occupied by the spirit of this female police officer so when he stumbles into the circle and is bout to get walloped by the leader, he is instantly composed and with a deft blow, knocks the leader on his ass, soundly flattening him to the ground.

The other guys are completely shocked. Then Robert motions with his hand like, okay come here, as if he's a police officer and this is just his job. They each throw their best punches but one by one Robert smashes the gang members solidly in the face.

Now in the dream this was very comical because it was so systematic and businesslike and totally out of character — Robert being a poet and musician.

Now, Robert heads back to his mobile pad. He's still a bit confused by all of this, and decides he wants some coffee. In the dream Robert doesn't normally drink coffee, but he's suddenly on a frantic search for some.

So the dream segues over to his ex-girlfriend, a hard-boiled yet attractive officer chick who is suddenly acting like the often flamboyant Robert Plant, doing his dance moves and singing in Robert's singing style, "oo-oo yeah" very sadly. And about that time I woke up.

Tags   Celebrities   Transformation

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