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Secret Meeting

Dream | October 8, 2008

Palestine or Israel... a beaten-up town somewhere. Bombed-out buildings with dead-eyed windows. What was I doing here?

At some local party I got into a conversation with a friendly Jewish man. He kept hinting he was part of some secret organization and got me curious enough to want to check it out. So he invites me to a meeting.

So we go to this house back in some cramped neighborhood. People hustle inside from alleys in front and back. Inside are tons of people, talking in low whispers in a conspiratorial way. When I get there the atmosphere becomes more festive and people are having fun. I hang out and cruise around for an hour or so, and then I head out with my friend, get into a car and he drops me off somewhere.

Something else happened in the dream and a brief time passes.

Then I'm coming back to the party with the same guy. This time the atmosphere is tense and heavy, like some serious militant operation is being planned or actually happening right there. Many people had guns. In the bustle I lost my friend.

I did notice that there were a lot of Arabs and less Jews this time. In fact, it did seem like the ratio was shifting every minute.

Soon there were shots being fired and people were shouting and screaming. From the main rooms I got lost down some maze of corridors and back rooms with all these crazy sounds around me and suddenly I was out the back door into the alley. Through the windows there were children and teens with semi-automatic rifles climbing in through the windows and I scolded them. But they just looked at me like I was an idiot. It suddenly dawned on me that the meeting had been infiltrated and a grassroots raid was occurring. I stumbled toward the mouth of the alley where the parking lot was lit up with a harsh white light.

As I emerged onto the parking lot I had the feeling someone was waiting for me just behind the wall to my left, so I put my hand out and stopped some woman who was about to jump out at me. She had a pistol and was pressed flat against the wall. I suppose they were screening people who were leaving.

There was a waiting car with the door open and some armed people inside and they were just looking at me in a strange way and the whole situation was very freaky. Other people milled around in the dark edges of the small dirty lot and watched. The guy in the front passenger seat which was nearest to me was holding an AK-47 pointed in my general direction. For about 5 seconds I stood there unsure if they were going to shoot me or what was going to happen.

Suddenly they called out my name. Yelled it out into the parking lot. I said, that's me.

They pulled me inside the car. The engine roared and the guy in the front seat fired his gun back towards the house as if to cover their getaway. Ratatatatata! Despite the fact that it was being fired a foot or so from my ears, I was more concerned about the two armed people on each side of me. The car peeled out of the parking lot. I felt like some journalist who was being escorted from the scene because I wasn't involved and they were like, just get him the fuck out of here!

Down a dark highway at night. Several hundred yards in front of us, lightning struck a telephone pole and it came crashing across the road. Could've been hit by a rocket launcher. We swerved and narrowly missed it. The road began to curve and slant sharply as drove into a mountainous region. When I say slant, I mean like at a 45-degree angle so that when I looked level out the left window I was able to see down a sheer 500-foot drop into a valley where the ocean crashed onto a beach and a prehistoric mammoth grazed on Naupaka shrubs. It was like driving on the Kalalau trail along the Na Pali coast.

But the road leveled out and we came to some high-tech corporate office building which reminded me of the library at Torrey Pines High School. A few of us went inside and it was very airy and spacious. Broad windows on beautiful scenery, modern office layout and aesthetically pleasing interior design. I suppose we were stateside again, perhaps even in California judging by the style and scenery.

Inside the building we went to work doing various things. The guy who had sat in the front seat was using a pistol to shoot out holes in some chunk of plastic so he could keep bullets in it. So I went on a rant for a minute about masking tape – what a great invention it was, how you could wrap a whole bunch of bullets in it and shove it in your pocket and how you only had to unwrap one end and you'd have a bandolier of bullets when you needed it. He was pretty stoked and said that's a great idea and now I don't have to keep this plastic shit in my pocket.

And I wandered off down the halls of the building through a sea of pastel-colored cubicles.

Jennifer was there and she had won a free dinner pass, probably ‘coz she was so hot and sexy. But I didn't rate as high so I had to get some kinda certificate from somewhere and exchange it for a free dinner pass. In doing so we met some guy in his office and I asked him to evaluate my website and give me feedback. He was happy to oblige so I showed him LeadingEdge.com the Flash site I developed.

In his office he had a huge glass screen which was a monitor. The site came up and transitioned from the spinning globe as viewed from space as it currently is on the home page, to this amazingly complex circular city with extraordinary detail that was slowly spinning in a precision coordinated clockwork motion and revealing more and more detail so that its realism was increasing exponentially as this website video began to fill the room and unfold its curves and shapes out into the room, still cast in the reds and warm oranges of the site. And I was explaining to the guy in the office how much work this website had been while slowly realizing that this extensive animation and video had been developed after my portion of the work was done and I was marvelling at how much extraordinary work Leading Edge had done. The vast circular city unfolding out into the office like a spiraling dragon had a surreal translucency that passed through our bodies as it expanded.

Somewhere among all this spectacular vision a love story was unfolding between a man staying on Earth and a woman who had to go off into space for a job, and this was all occurring inside the website which now filled the office we were standing in and everything was happening all around us and we were in it as if the city had become the place we lived in. We were there by the pool of a futuristic house where the man in the story pined away for his woman. And we watched as she returned from outer space and they were reunited and happy. The End.

Tags   Violence

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