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Dream | February 16, 2009

As far back as I can remember I was part of the crew of an old galleon way out at sea somewhere. Morale was low and the crew was planning mutiny against the captain, who was supposed to be a sour but just man who only makes a brief appearance in the dream. Actually there are two ships and the captain is on the other a few hundred yards away and the substance of the mutiny is to butcher this ship the crew is on and then hijack the captain's ship and then finish the job by sinking his ship with a cannonball from the other. So the crew is out and about tearing apart the masts and deck. And I'm like I don't think this is a good idea. They leer at me and suddenly they're all aboard the other ship lobbing cannonballs at this ship and I'm stuck here with the captain. He's not doing much but resigned to his fate, and a nasty explosion tears up the ship. Flying wood and debris scatter everywhere and I'm in the choppy sea, struggling through the smoky chaos, groping for planks.

Somehow I gather a few pieces together and bind them with greasy rope and find myself sitting down on my makeshift raft out in the great expanse of the sea. Nothing around but endless horizon and rough seas. Nearby a tiny boat floats by made of a drinking straw formed into a triangle with the ends fitted together. It has a tiny straw mast with a plastic sail. But it's making better time that my raft, so I grab it and hold it up in the wind hoping to make use of its awesome sail power.

Within minutes an island comes into view. I paddle for it but it's just a tiny sandbar about a meter in diameter with a couple of pine trees not more than two or three feet high. In the middle of the island is a tall cylindrical glass with a ring of dried milk at the bottom. I throw it out into the water and sit down in its place. That's it. There's nothing else to do. On either side are these little pines and my feet are in the brief shallow area before the land drops off to extremely deep. Night sets in and the water level rises while I try to sleep. Soon the island is two feet under water and I notice a shark is swimming around sniffing at my feet. I kick at it and it goes off for awhile. I have no idea what's going to happen but the nighttime segment of my dream goes on for a bit with the dark unknown ocean all around.

In the early hours of morning I notice movement and noises nearby. With more light comes more detail. There's land! A sandy beach with ironwood pines. A group of guys are working on the shore a few hundred yards away. Moving boxes and chatting in some language. I shout to them in English where am I and can they help me get off this island. They look at me quizzically so I try the same phrase in Spanish. They're Mexicans readying boxes for a ship and one shouts back that I'm close enough to swim, which produces a group chuckle. I realize that I have drifted within a few hundred feet so I jump off the sandbar and swim for the shore. Mysterious dark coralheads move about below me and the water is murky but I keep swimming. I wake up right before I reach the beach.

Tags   Adventure   Death   Destruction

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