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Smoke and Dust

Dream | April 10, 2009

I went to visit a friend working at a car dealership.

In the middle of the showroom floor he stood behind a podium with a happy grin on his face. Every few seconds he would surreptitiously bring out a big smoking marijuana bud from a shelf in the podium and take a big whiff. It resembled a sage bundle but kind of wedge-shaped.

"Hey man, put that away. You'll get fired!" I said.

He giggled. "Naw man, everyone here smokes." And he pointed to a salesman on the floor who was chugging on a cigarette.

"At least keep it outta sight," I suggested.

Again he chuckled, and reached into a recess in the podium and drew out some object which he kept partially hidden. Then he motioned me to come into one of the negotiation rooms at the side of the room. Inside, he revealed a plate more like a flattened, shallow bowl, dusted white and containing various small chunks and piles of cocaine. A straw appeared and he sniffed one of the piles up.

His face was flushed and his eyes were red. "It's quittin' time. I'll see you out in the car man." He sniffed heavily and dragged his arm across his nose. The bowl was pushed into my hands and he went out with the marijuana bud, leaving wafting trails of smoke behind him.

I broke up a couple of the chunks and snorted about half the remaining powder. It then occurred to me I could neither leave this evidence here nor take it so brazenly with me through the showroom, so I scanned about for something to wrap it up in. A pile of newspapers caught my eye. I snatched up the top sheet and hastily wrapped the bowl up. Across the floor I plodded, trying not to make eye contact and probably looking very suspicious. The sales manager waved to me and beckoned me over.

"Ah, where are you going with that?" He inquired. I told him it was my buddy's but he insisted it was company property and must be left on the premises. Something in the way he spoke indicated he knew what it was and what it had in it. If he got ahold of it my friend and/or I would go to jail. We haggled briefly until I gave in and started walking towards the restroom telling him I was going to unwrap it. In the corner of my eye I saw him stand up suddenly like he was going to follow but I was already at the bathroom door.

Inside I quickly snorted the remaining coke then washed and dried the bowl thoroughly.

On the way out I dropped it heavily on his desk.

Tags   Drugs

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