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Smuggling Dope on the North Shore

Dream | December 9, 2009

A text message from Layne. He wants me to smuggle some drugs on the North Shore. This is immediately suspicious. Why doesn't he do it himself? He lives just a few miles up the coast. Seems like a setup, or more likely the law is tightening up on him and he needs a scapegoat.

In the dream I have a history as courier of this sort for Layne, with smaller quantities. The last time I snorkeled it around Waimea Bay in a watertight bag. Another time I rode a bicycle with the cargo perched blatantly in a basket out front.

But this time it's alot of dope.

So it's nighttime, and I come around the corner from Waimea Bay and there's a dirt parking lot on the beachside, with the top part of a house that is built into the cliff, so that the part I see is like the tip of an iceberg, and similarly shaped. A jumble of beams and wood and some glass.

Over to the side of this house I go, and there's like an indentation where a safe or shed or locker is built. On shelves within are a bunch of metal ammo boxes. I open one up and inside are tightly packed bags of weed. Judging by the quantity of ammo boxes this is indeed a large shipment. Too much for a motorcycle, which is my preferred method in case there's an ambush.

I replace the box and close up the locker and turn around. Behind me is a large glass window. Inside a couple is making love. I can't really see the guy since he is laying down and facing away from me and partially obscured by pillows, but the woman is sitting up and facing me and her head is tilted up in ecstacy. She looks familar and I wonder if the guy is me? Is this some past memory? Then I see the guy's hair is blonde and I figure I'm just looking in on the resident's bedroom. They're humping and having fun, so I smile and walk back towards the road.

Back near Kamehameha Highway my dad pulls up on a motorcycle. He tells me he's doing such n' such and we chat for a minute. I tell him I've got to ship something but it won't fit on a bike. Then he speeds off.

So I borrow my sister's Subaru, but it's bright yellow instead of green. The stuff gets packed neatly inside and I start off towards Waimea Bay. The road around the bay is a windy, rocky, crazy road with a single store at the river mouth in the distance. All the while Layne is texting me, wondering what's going on? The air feels ominous and I'm paranoid and worried.

It's also very dark. The road is strewn with craggy lava boulders and dead trees claw at the night sky. Suddenly I get stopped by some police officer who glares at me and asks me Who am I? What I'm doing there at this time of night? What is in the car?

I answer as best I can and all of a sudden he smiles and lets me go! The new day is slowly dawning and I've got this nice optimistic feeling everything is going to work out great.

It's a good feeling to wake up with.

Tags   Crime   Drugs   Authority

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