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Snakes in Her Stomach!

Dream | November 16, 2008

It all began as I was walking across a parking lot much like the one in front of Fujioka's (now Malama Market in Haleiwa). At least, that's as far back as I can remember.

Late afternoon. I walked by a 6-foot pole or pedestal in the middle of the empty lot upon which a very large brown rat was perched. Normally I operate under the live-and-let-live rule (except for cockroaches, which I will go out of my way to kill in some inhumane way) but in this dream I had the urge to find a baseball bat or long stick to knock that thing off. Across the lot was a lit restaurant with some people sitting at outside tables. Musta been Kua'Aina. As I neared them I saw they had a German Shepherd and a couple of other dogs hanging about, and I went over to talk to them and pet their dogs, mentioning that my own dog was similar, except for more silvery grey.

About the same time I described the huge rat on that pole or narrow pedestal out in the lot, and began looking around for a stick or something, which I found after a brief search. I think it was a 4-foot dowel about 2 inches in diameter. It was getting dark fast so I whistled for Windsong so she could be present as backup. We strolled back but found the rat was gone, but a sudden hissing growl near my feet startled me and I could hear some creature scurry close by in the dark. It sounded more like a possum though, and I wondered if it would bite.

So I continued through the parking lot and met up with a guy near the front door of the supermarket. Somehow it had gotten much lighter, as time is fluid and subjective in dreams. This man was working on the engine of a small plane, much like a P-51 Mustang or a monoplane version of a World War I biplane like a barnstormer, but half-sized, like a home-built model. He was telling me about how he built this for his son 'coz when he was in some enthusiast's club as a child he had built and flown airplanes, and now he wanted his son to have the same experience. Somehow the venue behind us changed and now we were at a beautiful beach house much like our house at Sunset Beach. He took his son flying and this dream story overlaid upon other events in the dream so that two parallel, interwoven stories were happening at once. Rather than confusing you with this, I will relate his story first and then the one about the snakes in my sister's stomach.

So he takes his son flying. At first I thought they would go together, with him as pilot and the son in the back seat, but for this first flight the young son (maybe 10 years old) was the pilot and his dad was hanging by a couple of ropes below the aircraft as it did acrobatic maneuvers thousands of feet above the ground. I'm inclined to believe that his seat had fallen through the bottom of the fusilage and he had grasped the ropes just in time. Or maybe there were no seats because the son could look straight down below his own seat and see his father dangling there, screaming his head off to land this damned aircraft right now! But they were high above the sea and only clouds and miles of endless water could be seen. But the son obliged and dropped down to the surface, submerging his poor dad at high speed before ducking into a low cave or tunnel and narrowly missing huge pipes going every whichway...

So when the plane goes into that low cave, I was out and about on the deck of the house on the beach. A family was relaxing and playing on the deck with the beach and the ocean beyond, and I was interacting with them in some way when my little sister Robin showed up. We were talking and eventually I was tickling her in the neck then chasing her around the deck furniture making pinching motions and playfully poking her ribs.

At one point I poked her in the stomach and encountered a hard, plastic like resistance. She said something like be careful! It was still healing. I asked her what and she told me she had surgery to remove snakes in her stomach. She pulled her large shirt over her head. Beneath, she was wearing wearing a bikini as she often does, and I could see a grey metallic-looking plate wrapping across her abdomen. She peeled off one side and revealed a scabby red mess. It was almost like the internal organs were visible. Something in there was wiggling. I reached out and tugged at it. It was a baby snake, more like a large bluish worm. I managed to pull it out a few inches but Robin said a doctor should probably do it, even though it would probably come out easily. She said the wound should probably be sterilized immediately afterwards or it could become infected.

I asked her about the other snakes. She told me they had been buried after removal and showed me a place in some soft dirt where the snakes were. We began uncovering them slowly and I saw a reddish-orange corn snake at first and commented that while it was not poisonous, it was still not something you wanted in your stomach. One by one we uncovered a whole lot of them buried in a shallow hole. Brownish yellow snakes, black snakes and so forth. A blue snake eventually turned out to be a pair of folded jeans. When we finally uncovered them all I counted 11 snakes, not including the blue jeans. Apparently it was some serious operation. It was about this time that the plane swooped down over the sea and drowned its pilot's dad in the water. Robin commented that she should go to the doctor to have the final snake removed and so she left.

I realized I had some work to do around the yard, like get rid of some green waste. So I dragged this pile of coconut palm fronds down the road with a bunch of branches, scrap and junk piled on the back.

When I arrived at the place I was to leave it at, they said they didn't want it. So I dragged it back along a wide sandy sidewalk to the house. When I got back home there was some guy who looked like a very young Steve Guttenberg sitting on the pile and I knew then why it had been so hard to drag back. I shooed him off with some insults I won't repeat here. By that time I was pretty hot and tired, and the ocean was very inviting. The shorebreak was crashing on the beach and the water looked crystal-clear and very refreshing. I wanted to run out but I had keys to the house in my pocket that I had to ditch somewhere. I contemplated throwing them under the door or hiding them somewhere but thought someone might be able to retrieve them somehow. There followed a difficult search for a place to put the keys that was so boring it eventually woke me up.

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