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Someone Stole My Truck and Motorcycle

Dream | January 5, 2010

I'm in a park with bright green grass. Everything is saturated and has a slight yellowish tint, like the sun rules the land and has made its mark on the park.

There's a fence area like a tennis court, but a hockey game is going on inside. Ringed around the outside spectators are standing. A group of kids are swatting a round hockey puck across the grass. Sometimes they're hitting it around in the air too. In the middle of the action is an older man who might've been a coach. So I walk in a grab a hockey stick and hop into the game, hitting the puck around and having a great time.

After a few minutes I slip out of the action and exit the fenced area. This is when I notice that all the spectators are attractive women of all different ages. I smile broadly as I walk through them.

About that time I drifted awake and it's sooooo cold. I wonder, how do the eskimos do it? Then I drift back to sleep...

I'm driving in an old rust-colored pickup truck, like a 1960s Ford truck—not old enough to be collectible and valuable. In the back is my shiny silver 2006 Honda CBR600RR.

I'm cruising down some residential street and Windsong is in the passenger seat and suddenly has to go to the bathroom. So I pull over to the curb and let her out. She walks along the sidewalk sniffing stuff. I get out and leave the truck running, and follow her in case I gotta pick up something she leaves behind.

Up ahead on the sidewalk some guys are playing poker on the sidewalk or someone's front lawn, and milling around casually. It's a nice day.

Windsong takes a dump right in the middle of the sidewalk, which she would never do. Bag in hand, I secure this stinky prize.

When I turn around, my truck is gone. I'm like, "Whoa! Where'd it go?" Perhaps some cars are blocking it from view. but no, I realize it's been stolen.

From my pocket I pull out my wallet and my phone. Rooting through my wallet I try to locate some vehicle paperwork to find the license plate number so I can relay it to the police. But there's a mess of papers in there and it quickly becomes confusing.

Then my mom pulls up in a Subaru. It's like a hatchback or something, and in the open trunk is a huge motor, like an aircraft engine. I get in and my sister Robin is there too. She has a brown Lab puppy in her lap.

So I tell them my truck was stolen, but my mom is preoccupied with the engine in the trunk, which needs to be swapped with the engine under the hood. She's not very sympathetic to my plight.

We turn onto a highway and suddenly there's a dense fog. We drive slowly through it. When it clears we are parked in the middle of a mall...

I think I drifted awake at at that point, and back into another dream...

Back in the park again. Bright sun, saturated green grass and that fenced in area. Only this time there's nobody about, and inside the fence are a collection of various-sized silvery aluminum boxes joined by aluminum structures like supports, trusses, steps and walkways. Very industrial looking, yet shiny and bright. It looks like a cubist's swimming pool, filled with yellowish green water. And it looks very warm and inviting.

Into a large tub I dive. It's sooo warm. I climb up the side and jump into another tub, and then another. I'm loving it.

Then I notice my dog is having trouble walking across the metal stairways, which have grated steps and pathways. In the dream my dog is a golden retriever, only in this saturated, off-tint landscape he's a tannish color. He's stuck, so I walk over to him and pick him up, then deposit him on the grass.

Then I slip back into a triangular pool next to all the cubist tubs of water. I stand up and take a dive into some deep water.

I woke up again and it's cooooold...

Tags   Crime

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