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Suddenly in the Game

Dream | July 27, 2009

I parked my van somewhere on a country road. Back on the North Shore I think. From the back I pulled my bicycle and set out along the road.

At some point I met my dad at a roadside grill where he had just acquired a delicious steak, which is his custom. It was very rare and perfectly seasoned as if he had cooked it himself. I wanted one too.

We chatted for awhile and he entrusted me to take his grub back to his shop, so I packed it on my bicycle and set out on the road again. After awhile I was riding back to the grill for my own meal, having worked up an appetite from the savory fumes wafting downwind into my face as I toted the precious cargo.

So I arrived back at the grill once more. This was definitely Waialua, with the elementary school nearby. I went in and ordered a steak and rice combo, speaking fluent pidgin with the local proprietors. For awhile I relaxed but the meal was taking forever and I wandered outside. A heavy roar went up from the stadium down the road.

Suddenly I was in the midst of a football game. The action around me was dense and confusing. It was like being dropped into a war front. Blue and red players ran every whichway. The crowd was cheering fanatically. The end zone was a couple feet way. The ball was fumbled and I sought to fall into some formation as the ball was hiked. From military order to total chaos in half a second! Then the ball shot passed my face like a bullet and into the waiting solar plexus of a red player near the end line. The piercing buzz of a whistle and the game was over. Red had won.

Still very confused I began to drift towards the sidelines. A bunch of blue players were heading that way and somebody bumped me roughly as I walked in their midst. I saw that my jersey was red so I navigated a parabola towards the opposite end of the field.

Into a group of red players I fell. They were charged up from the victory, congratulating each other and taking up seats on several sets of bleachers. I sat down on one but noticed it was being occupied mostly by cheerleaders, so I ambled over to another and one of the players patted a bench to indicate which seat was mine. The uniform was hot and itchy so I started taking my pants off. Underneath I was wearing a jock strap and cup. Somehow the pants came off without removing my shoes.

The coach was speaking. I think his name was Thorsen. He indicated some large wooden structure and one of the players climbed into it while the coach took notes. Then it was my turn. I asked if I had to put my pants back on and the coach said yes. He took brief notes while I stood on my tippy-toes in this weird structure on the sideline. Then he motioned me down. It occurred to me that I was probably occupying someone else's body and should skedaddle.

Heading out inconspicuously a face caught my eye. It was Lisa, my sister's friend from way back. She was a cheerleader. I hadn't seen her in like 20 years and have no idea why she suddenly appeared in my dream. I called out "Lisa!" and she looked at me with some recognition. I was heading out to the parking lot and she followed me, taking up a bicycle on the way. I told her it was me and she wondered why I was impersonating so-n-so and playing in the game. I told her I needed to find my van and she said "Race ya!" so I took off on foot while she sped nearby, asking me again why I was impersonating some player, wearing his uniform, etc. She threatened to tell coach Thorsen so I slowed down. Across the sky a warm glowing sunset was spread. The air still had the hum and buzz of the recent game.

I said, "It happened very quickly. I was suddenly in the game. It's all very confusing."

Up ahead I saw my van way across the parking lot, so I ran off towards what represented a return to the reality of my life. When I reached it I turned back and Lisa was walking her bike near the fence bordering the parking lot. She came over and peered into the van. I think my dog was inside waiting.

At about that point I woke up.

Tags   Sports   Transformation

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