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Summer and I make a Pizza

Dream | July 2, 2008

Summer and I were wondering what to make for dinner. So we looked in the fridge for what we could use. There was a bag of shredded cheese, a bag of shredded sausage, some tomatoes, a pizza crust, a jar of olives and some bell peppers.

And we're looking at all this stuff wondering what to make, what to make?

And then it dawns on us—pizza! So we sprinkled together a pizza. While it was cooking in the oven I dozed off in a bed near the stove. The kitchen had become somewhat transparent and the room I was actually sleeping in had become more real, but I'm still dreaming. Dreaming about sleeping.

When I wake up the pizza has been taken out of the oven and put on the kitchen counter, and it's cooled down and looks like it has sat for a couple hours. Summer is not around, and the pizza is still intact. So I start eating slices and wondering why Summer didn't eat anything. But while I'm eating there're these blurring motions around the pizza box and the pieces start disappearing rapidly, like Summer is whizzing in and removing them at high speed, or I'm moving in slow motion.

Then I think I dozed off again, or maybe I woke up and started dreaming another dream about some guy I hired to erase the cover of a magazine with some kind of precision metal brush. When I came back to pay him, he asks for $30, but all I have is a $5 and a $27 dollar bill. I ask him whoever heard of a $27 dollar bill? I give it to him and then realize I also have a normal $20 bill and give that to him instead. Oddly enough, in the dream I thought $5 and $20 made $30, but he was happy and left. When I got back to check on his work, he had created this highly detailed artwork instead of erasing the photo on the magazine cover. This girl and I were critiquing it. I think she was Malia from grade school. I always liked her. We start to clean up this warehouse-type place we're in and this guy comes along (I think he was a manager there) and tells us about this video he has which is about fishing.

So my dream goes into his video. I was fishing and had caught something in a lake just like the one near Crowbar Ranch. And the “fish" was pulling me all over the lake. I was in a flat skiff that just wizzing over the surface while I clutched the fishing rod. Up ahead some bump in the water that was the thing I had hooked.

Reeling in and getting closer I realized it was a giant cat wading through the shallow water about 15 feet off the bank.

I had caught a lioness!

So I pulled up and got out of the boat and walked up to see that the hook was caught in her eyelid, but she was still trudging resiliently forward.

When I got up close to try and get it out of her eyelid and she turned around and growled, making an aggressive lunge towards me. So I spoke calmly but firmly in a soothing deep voice, “please let me take it out."

And she allowed me to work it free, even as much pain as it was causing. When I finally got it free, she seemed very pleased, but within the next minute she started to shrink to the size of a cub. Then she started to look like a kitten, playing around in the shallow water, just kinda splashing around happy.

And right before I woke up I thought, that's so cute!

Tags   Animals

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