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That Horrible Car Accident

Dream | June 10, 2010

There was that dream about the aircraft carrier diagram and model in the warehouse which segued into watching Jennifer speeding on the H1 freeway from Waipio to Mililani. She's racing another driver when the freeway splits with a grassy median between. Up ahead in the left lane a car is on fire. As Jennifer screams past it the flaming car explodes. Now she's gunning up a steep hill at 85 mph when the freeway makes a sharp turn left and she crashes through the branches of a monkey pod tree and over a steep hill and the car is rolling and crunching down into a ravine and I'm freaking out and calling the police.

Jennifer is lying in the ground near the wreckage of her car. She isn't moving. What a horrible accident!

Soon enough she stirs and gets up all bruised and bleeding. I'm telling the operator maybe this is just a TV program I'm watching and I never called the police like this before and sorry to bother you.

On the show Jennifer is stumbling through a wilderness of red soil and tropical vegetation. Right before I change the channel she is walking into Mililani for help.

Then I'm watching a Mexican sitcom with some guy telling his three dogs in Spanish that if they don't learn to poop outside they'll all go back to the pound. The dogs are sitting obediently in a row in front of him and the camera zooms in to a hairless brown bulldog that looks like Gary Coleman.

The dog rolls its eyes. “Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?"

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