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They’ll Never Take Me Alive!

Dream | January 22, 2010

Driving in my van out in the mountains and I get stopped at a military checkpoint. There's nobody around except for this aggro military officer who strides up to the passenger window and decides he's going to fuck up my day. I stand up in the cockpit and extend my passport towards him.

He asks me to open up the door, which is locked, but I'm totally sketched out and say "No, wouldn't you rather just see my identification?" He reminds me of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket or the colonel in Avatar.

He roars "Open this goddamn door or I'll rip the fucking thing off!" He's making insinuations like he's going to just start tearing it up with some hardware.

The passport in my hand becomes a flat digital camera, which I'm holding horizontally and pointing the long skinny end towards him, telling him "I've got you on camera!" and snapping pictures.

Then he runs around the front to the drivers side and tries to yank open that door, which is also locked. I'm a bit scared by now as he starts striding towards a little guard shack for a baseball bat or something to shatter my windows. Into the drivers seat I hop, cranking it into drive. Abruptly he turns around. In front and to the right of me is another van, like a Dodge Sprinter, but more official military style, and I know it's his. So I yell out the window to him, "I'm gonna smash your van! Whaddaya think of that?"

He just stands there daring me, so I drive forward and crash into the back of the van. It's not a serious impact, but enough to piss him off. From his hip he jerks a radio and starts yelling into it. Meanwhile I'm backing up the van, then turning the wheel and accelerating towards him. I'm gonna run that motherfucker down!

He dodges out of the way and now I'm bookin' it and there's nothing in front of me but the open road near an airstrip, with the mountains all around.

A huge armored vehicle veers in front the van! It looks like a segmented Caterpillar machine decked out in camouflage, with gun turrets and giant rugged tires. Narrowly I swerve around it and it's following me closely, firing sporadically.

What a rush! From this point on the dream becomes a thrilling, non-stop chase. Trucks and armored vehicles are following me or ambushing me, appearing from hiding places in the mountainous terrain. Some try to run me off the road and I had to do some crazy driving to avoid getting caught, killed or crashing the van. I'm charged up on adrenaline and sweating furiously. It was scary fun and exhilirating.

After awhile I've seemed to outrun or otherwise eluded the pursuers. So I pulled over to a quiet place and took a nap.

A loud scraping awakes me. The whole van is shaking and sliding. Then a heavy jolt and it's still. Outside is the roar of machinery and I peek out the window to see a huge military forklift backing away from the van. Beyond is an oval racetrack. Every few seconds some delapidated cars streak by.

I begin to realize I'm in some open prison for renegade drivers captured by the military. With nothing else to do they race around this track until their gas runs out.

But I'm not finished yet! Even as the forklift is retreating I'm firing up the engine and screeching away, around the track and along the edge of the mountain barrier. On one side is a dirt road blocked off with a wooden gate structure. On each side is a narrow space for personnel to walk by. I charge towards this road, right at the barrier, but swerve up on a steep dirt berm made by bulldozers and barely miss the gate. Beyond I see more barriers and miscellaneous obstructions in the road. And then, soaring up the side of the mountain like a curved Quonset hut is a huge concrete wall. A tunnel is built into the mountain and this dirt road is a side entrance. Some of the obstructions turn out to be old rusted machinery probably used into the construction.

At some point I can go no futher. The side entrance is a large metal door about 30 feet in front of the van. Some long hunk of machinery is sitting in the middle of the road, covered with a tarp. I get out and walk up the the door.

With some force I manage to get it open enough for me to fit through, but it gets stuck. Even if it opens, how do I move all this shit out of the way?

From the direction of the racetrack a teenage girl is walking along the dirt road towards me. She's carrying some bulky wooden thing. As she approaches she says, "Leverage will open that door."

The wooden thing turns out to be some hinged wooden jack of some sort. We brace it against the door jamb and jerk the door all the way open. She asks me, "What are all those things in the road?"

I go back to the main obstruction and throw the tarp off. Underneath are a bunch of rusted mounts for guns or equipment. Individually they're easier to move than the appearance of the whole thing. I heave them over the berm, move a few remaining obstructions, and the road is clear!

Back at the door we see some metal things on the floor, just inside the tunnel. They spark once in awhile with blue electrical arcs. I realize if I drove the van over them they might short out the electrical system and disable the vehicle. I look back at the van, which has shrunk to the size of a Smart car and the solution is obvious.

The girl and I push the van over the electrical contacts, thus avoiding interference. And now we're in the tunnel!

It's very dark. The tunnel extends down into a single black eye socket for miles in both directions. A spine of old sodium halogen lights dimly illuminate the way until the darkness swallows them up.

A shot cracks on the wall near me! Someone is shooting at us. Out of the darkness about 70 feet away a row of soldiers is marching towards us and firing as they approach.

The girl is now older, tanned, muscular and sporting a gun like a commando. She dodges behind a tunnel support and fires back.

Since I'm on the far side of the tunnel from the door I lunge out across the space whizzing with bullets and get shot just before I jump through the door. It felt more like a graze since there wasn't any immediate blood. Then I'm scrounging amidst the rusted detritus on the ground looking for a weapon...

With the gunfight behind me I was jolted awake by some harsh noise outside...

Tags   Adventure   Crime   Violence   Authority   Travel

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