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Three Angry Monsters

Dream | November 19, 2009

A Medieval street scene near the docks. Ships in the background with sailors and merchants going about their business.

In the midst are these three grotesque monsters who have just disembarked and are immediately engaged in a vicious three-way battle.

One resembles the Hunchback of Notre Dame but he's really large and angry-looking. Scraggly clothes and huge forearms, reddish-pink scabby skin covered with boils, and he's dribbling this midget like a basketball on the cobblestone street.

The second looks like Sloth from The Goonies with a gnarly looking face and large, bulging, uneven eyeballs. His upper torso is massive and misshapen and he's really pissed off.

The third character resembles a hovering genie since his lower body is a dark whirling tornado like the Tasmanian Devil, whereas his upper torso is greyish-black and very gross. He's got an evil disposition.

People mill around this street on the perimeter as these three monsters hurl magic weapons, insults and destruction at each other. They each have unique super-powers and abilities. Sloth spits fire and sets Hunchback's neck aflame, who pats it out quickly with his free hand. Genie throws some brutal spiky object like a mace at Sloth, while Hunchback sends forth from his pack a surging ball of evil demons at Genie. These demons catch him where his tail tapers off near the ground and begin to suck him down into a vortex which has opened in the ground.

By this time the street is ravaged and looks like it has been destroyed by aerial bombing. And the battle scene draws back into a stage-like setting as if I'm watching a play or listening to a story and suddenly I'm strolling along a street with Sloth and he tells me when he got off the ship Genie and Hunchback immediately attacked him. He's really a nice guy and he's speaks very clearly and amiably.

So we go back to his house and his wife is making dinner. In the living room he introduces me to his drop-dead gorgeous daughter. I don't catch her name but then Sloth tells me her real name as if she is an actress in the aforementioned play. Some famous actress like Angelina Jolie, so I say “Hi So n' So" but she says no, my name is Such n' Such as if she's trying to stay in character.

While dinner is being prepared I'm rubbing her down while she's laying in bed. Then I'm softly scratching her back like she was itchy and I ask her if this is ok and she says yeah that's fine. She has nice tanned skin that's very soft.

Then I'm watching myself doing this from farther away and I see the whole supernatural battle scene from the beginning as if it was an animated Disney movie. Everything has become more cartoony. Then I'm at the dinner table with hideous but pleasant Sloth, his wife and their sexy daughter.

And I have a grenade in my hand for some reason. My body has changed too. Now I'm lanky and blond and kinda inept. The daughter is keeping a scrupulous eye on the grenade I am holding. At some point I think I pulled the pin, and quickly she lurches forward and with a sleight-of-hand trick, swaps the grenade for some harmless object. She slips the pin back in without activating the device and the whole situation is deftly defused.

We all start eating dinner and the whole situation has become super realistic again. Next to me is Sloth. His head is huge and knobby with a little crop of hair on top, and his thick lips protrude over gnarled teeth. We're chatting and joking like old friends. Then he is hunched forward over the table, eating with thick slurping sounds. At times it almost sounds like he is panting...

I woke up with my German Shepherd dog breathing on my face ‘coz she wants to go out.

Tags   Adventure   Violence   Fantasy   Destruction

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