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Universal Claustrophobia

Dream | January 10, 1985

I was about 8 when I dreamt this. Way back in 1985...

Ropes all around me. Thick, heavy ropes, holding me tight so I cannot move. I'm in the middle of a huge ball of rope as gigantic as the earth, with ropes stretching across the universe. It's crushing me tight. The insane feeling of claustrophobia is overpowering. I struggle and flail about, panicking, going crazier by the second.

I wake up thrashing and knotted up tightly in my blanket.

If your dreams fascinate you enough, then keep a dream log! When you wake up after a notable dream experience, lay there for a few minutes and quickly sum up the main events. Start as far back as you can remember and work towards the moment you woke up. Then return to the earliest point and start recalling more specific details. Where were you? Who was in the dream with you? Where did you go and what did you do? How did you feel? At some point did you realize you were dreaming? Were you able to exert some control over the dream? What were the most dramatic events? What made the dream interesting enough to record it?

The easiest way to record your dreams is simply writing it down. At the very least a pen and paper will do. Step up by using a word processing program like Microsoft Word, or blogging software like Wordpress or Blogger if your intent is to publish your dreams. Start by simply writing as fast as you can. Forget about proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Get the basics down quickly from that fresh stream of consciousness. Then go back and fill in the specifics. Using present tense is a very effective way to relive the dream as if it was happening again around you. As you write you will recall more detail.

After writing down a few dreams I began to keep a digital recorder handy. Most MP3 players have a recording feature that allows you to dictate your dreams from recent memories. Later when you have time you can transcribe them to a written format. After all, you may have to get your day started quickly and it make be weeks before you actually write down that profound dream experience. You may find that, even far into the future, listening to your recorded dreams will invigorate your memory and decorate that distinct surreality with exquisite details.

Writing down your dreams and nightmares is an excellent way to get to know yourself from the inside out. It is also a powerful way of dealing with troublesome recurring nightmares or dreams with common themes like falling, getting inured or killed, or reliving traumatic experiences. View your dream journal as a form of introspective therapy. Or view them as free entertainment dished up nightly by your imagination!

Tags   Fear

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