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When a Man Becomes a Woman

Dream | January 24, 2010

My family had a big bash in a house in the jungle. Lots of strange people showed up (mostly family). At the end my little sister and I were cleaning up the food and the jungle around us was overrun with wild animals while we watched through the wide windows.

Someone asked me to park their car someplace and they would pick it up in the morning. So I drove their car down to a parking lot downtown. At the entrance to the lot was a security gate and guard shack. Two guards inside were chatting. One white, one black. I asked them how much to park for 24 hours.

The black guy smiled and handed me a card and said, "It's on the back."

While I was looking at the card and reading the fees, I thought, What if I was a woman? That exotic female allure fascinates me. What if I was on the other side, exuding feminine power to helpless men?

And then in the dream, I was a woman. And I smiled up at the two men. Lo and behold, they smiled back with that goofy grin I've found myself wearing under the same persuasion.

"Why don't you two take a break to have some fun?" I had an idea we could have a threesome somewhere.

The white fellow grabbed my hand and the black guy followed behind me. We left my car there at the gate and out of the corner of perception I could see two beefy guards taking their places at the shack. However, the black guy crossed the parking lot and stood like a sentry on the opposite side from where the white guy and I sat down behind some cars in the grass. I was quite surprised and disappointed. I thought this would be a party.

So the guy I'm with lays down in the grass and I pull off his blue trousers. He's already got a hard-on and I stroke it until it is firm and throbbing with anticipation. Briefly I wonder if this is a fantasy of mine I am acting out. Me being the security guard led astray by a female customer.

My clothes disappear and I'm sitting down on him, working his stiff dick inside of me. I'm wet and juicy. It feels wonderful to be penetrated! We do this for awhile and I get a little tired after awhile since I had been partying all day. I want to suggest to this fellow that he bring his partner over, but that might be awkward. We get up and the other guy is still over there standing guard on the other side of the lot.

The man leads me to a house nearby. I tell him I need to use the restroom and he leads me into the proper room. For some strange reason I can feel my male genitals rock hard from either the previous excitement, or from having a full bladder, so when I sit down to emulate a lady using the potty I have to angle myself forward to urinate properly. The security guard is walking around in the house and I hear the voices of children.

I finish but am still sitting down. The toilet has become a chair. I ask him if he's hungry. We suggests pizza and I ask him if there's a Papa Johns nearby? He says he'll look it up on the Internet. Then I ask him if his partner would like to join us but he responds with a flat "no" which ends that line of inquiry.

The restroom has opened into a living room and I'm still sitting down in this comfy chair. Some children are gathered around a television watching a kid's program. The fellow is sitting there on one side nearby and we're watching TV for awhile. The program is becoming increasingly lewd and at one point there's a sex scene and when it ends it shows both people going on to other encounters, focusing on the woman's lesbian relationship with her female partner using a slippery dildo on her.

Meanwhile the security guard is getting hot and horny so he stands up and pushes his groin in my face. I oblige by undoing the zipper and pulling his pants down again. Then I'm sucking on his penis while he's telling me the children won't mind since they see so much sex on the TV anyway. Around the side of his leg I can see the children are still glued to the television, ignoring what's going on right here in the living room.

With his cock in my mouth I begin to drift awake...

Tags   Sex   Bizarre   Transformation

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