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Zeca and I Steal a Van

Dream | February 16, 2008

Zeca was in my dream. We were in Sunset Beach or some surreal place, hanging out and hitchhiking I think. Whatever it was, we were picked up by some guy in a white van with a grey logo graphic on the side that I've seen somewhere. The driver looked like Steve Tilford next door. On the way up Pupukea Road he started harranging us and accusing us of being fucking faggots, etc. At some point we overpowered him and forced him to stop the vehicle halfway up the road about where First Alapio is. It's dark and we can see the lights of Sunset and the moon on the ocean in the background. I dragged him through the side of the vehicle and we beat him severely until he lay on the asphalt. Then we threw him in that cement ditch and took off in his van. We were pretty high on the adrenaline of the thing and realized we had just stolen his van, so we schemed to dump it at Kaena Point.

We drove into the Mokuleia compound to get my T-Bird. Zeca was beginning to annoy me by being rather uncooperative about getting rid of the van. He jumped into my car even though we had agreed he was to drive the van. Maybe I was just shirking responsibility but I owned the getaway car so I was gonna drive it. Get out! I forced him out of my T-Bird and he got into the van. When we pulled out of the driveway I rued the idea of the stolen white van being seen leaving our property. We headed down the road and for some reason stopped in at one of Zeca's friend's house halfway to the point. The house was dark and eerie. It looked abandoned for years. I noticed my tires were extremely flat so I went in, creeping through dark rooms and haunted hallways and finally asking a couple of children where was the next gas station? Three miles?!

When we got back outside the van had become a school bus. Zeca asked where the fuck did this come from? Okay, let's just get rid of it. We drove through bumpy dried mud road on flat tires, edging between fast and slow motorists, finally seeing the gas station appear brightly through the darkness. We pulled in and searched for the air hose, finally asking the attendant. There it is, she said. So I pulled my T-Bird over and they asked if I wanted the works. Naw. But they were already doing it.

Some guy in a police detective uniform appeared through the mist that movies usually have in this situation. Kinda like dry ice vaporizing on the tarmac. He said your buddy Zeca had stolen a vehicle and I was an accessory. I went back to my T-bird, intending to jump in and drive away but the maintenance hadn't been finished yet. I woke up about that time and don't remember if we got away...

Tags   Adventure   Crime   Violence   Authority

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