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Beware of the House!

Nightmare | July 3, 2012

The dog returns to the house again. In the hallway he finds the man laying on the floor, his body mangled most unnaturally. On his ashen face is a dreadful expression of horror and painful suffering. The animal backs away from the dead man and flees to the living room. When the dog ventures into the hallway again the body is gone.   [ read more... ]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Revenge

Nightmare | October 16, 2011

A friend of mine Tyler had made a bunch of money on the internet and retired to a high-tech home on the beach. At the touch of a button the house folded in and closed up like a ringbox for maximum security. I was staying for the weekend and we had just come in from the beach when the house began to close up suddenly. Neither the button worked nor could we escape out the windows and doors in time. The house began to fill up with smoky, noxious gas like car exhaust. All night we stumbled around coughing, eventually collapsing on the floor with red eyes and haggard breath. In the morning the house opened up again and Mark Zuckerberg was standing over us.   [ read more... ]

Nuclear Insanity

Nightmare | June 14, 2011

After a nuclear bomb is dropped on the city my neighbors and I evacuate onto a river boat ride of chaos and insanity.   [ read more... ]

Please Just Torture Me to Death

Nightmare | March 9, 2011

Running through town, passing shops, speeding across streets, around corners and down an alleyway. No matter where I went or how fast I ran they were still behind me. Two twin men in silver and red uniforms with helmets and mirrored sunglasses. One had a long rifle or shotgun, and the other wore a sidearm and a couple of knives on his belt. They dogged me with mechanical resilience while I panted hard and stumbled along feverishly. After awhile my sides burned and ached. If I was caught something terrible would happen — worse than death.   [ read more... ]

An Evil Town

Nightmare | January 16, 2011

I arrive at a small town in the Australian Outback and park the motorcycle next to the sidewalk. The main street of this town is completely empty. There is nobody in sight nor any cars, animals or signs of life. Dead trees, leaf-covered sidewalks and old decrepit buildings. A layer of dust seems to cover everything. Strolling down the street I become aware of being watched, not by a someone but a something sinister and malevolent. The ruined buildings feel as if they are empty holes in space with a monster waiting in the dark. The presence is not any one thing but the whole town — a single evil entity.   [ read more... ]

You Can’t Kill a Psychopath!

Nightmare | December 29, 2010

In this jungle adventure I am a ruthless, remorseless character in a nightmare of murderous rage and insanity. It starts with a car accident and becomes a bloodbath with a single-minded obsession. This is probably one of the more violent dreams I have ever had.   [ read more... ]

Almost Eaten by a Rhinoceros

Nightmare | October 7, 2010

The rhino goes down a few more stairs and thrusts its sharp beak up at my dangling legs. My shoes brush its pointy horn and now I’m scrambling backwards to avoid falling into the stairwell. This time the rhino lifts its forelegs, planting them against the concrete wall, and lunges again. Its pointy upper lip and gaping leathery mouth are open and I can see down its grubby throat. My legs are flailing out in front and its mouth is clomp-clomping around my thighs, trying to get a grip on my pants, about to take a big meaty bite and I’m freaking out! I give one hard push up with my arms, raising my butt and legs a few inches off the top of the concrete wall, straining for a few final seconds...   [ read more... ]

That Girl’s Revenge

Nightmare | September 2, 2010

A mall teeming with grade school children chattering and laughing and milling about in the shops on various levels. My older sister and I are teenagers cruising within this crowd. Then abruptly all is quiet. A single girl’s voice is heard throughout the mall as if on a loudspeaker. She says she has been picked on throughout her school life and now she will have her revenge. We can see her up on a higher level as she throws out her hand and points to a boy near me. As if flash paralyzed, the boy freezes and collapses to the floor like a block of wood.   [ read more... ]

Snakes in My House

Nightmare | August 12, 2010

I was awoken by a buddy coming out from the house. It was dark and a dull haze made details indistinct. He was carrying a rattler in a pair of tongs with which you might flip a steak on the grill. The snake was quite pissed off. It hissed and lunged its head at me, snapping its sharp teeth. “Dude, I found this snake in my room!” We were suddenly startled back by the sound of hissing at our feet. Something was coiling on the wooden flooring in the twilight.   [ read more... ]

A Nightmare of Angry Horses

Nightmare | April 23, 2010

Very suddenly I found myself separated from the others. Someone was crying nearby but I couldn’t see them. I think I was walking along a path through a grazing area for horses in the forest. Horses hidden in the trees were watching me, gathering around close like a conspiracy, huffing and puffing angrily. I could hear hooves pawing at the ground, then snorting and screeching. They were coming closer. Through the inky darkness I could see their outlines and red eyes glowing eerily.   [ read more... ]

Next Time Chop Up and Burn the Body

Nightmare | February 26, 2009

A best friend had become inhabited by an alien and started to act like a zombie. After a long pursuit I find the empty shell of his body and vow revenge. Eventually I confront the alien in its new form.   [ read more... ]

Take My Organs Please

Nightmare | February 25, 2009

I was a body on a stretcher. A surgeon harvests my organs and I followed the adventures of two paramedics as they nabbed other poor souls for the same fate.   [ read more... ]

Brad Pitt at Waimea Bay

Nightmare | February 1, 2009

Brad Pitt and I are discussing a new invention, then we head off to Waimea Bay. The Simpsons appear later in some bizarre yet comical vehicle.   [ read more... ]

Creepy October Landscape

Nightmare | October 25, 2008

In a desolate sepia-toned landscape I lose my mother in the inky blackness of some haunted tenement buildings. When I find her she is horribly disfigured.   [ read more... ]

About to Shoot Me In the Head

Nightmare | March 10, 2007

I’m on my way out when they grab me and push me down into a chair in the vestibule. Beefy guys, black and white suits, black sunglasses. Identical-looking guys. Police or security or special agents or whatever. They want to know why I was taking this bag I did not walk in with. I say...   [ read more... ]

The Devil’s Brains

Nightmare | October 21, 2012

A hellish night of fire and fury as a storm tears apart our town. In this nightmare I run into the devil, his wife and their newborn spawn.   [ read more... ]