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A Nightmare of Angry Horses

Nightmare | April 23, 2010

I was at a party that started pleasantly and churned into the night with good music and fine company.

But as the night wore on an eerie mood settled over everyone. Through the din people were making strange noises, grinding sounds and shouting. The gathering had an edge of hysteria. The room began to grow darker and more sinister. I noticed some people with grey faces and red eyes. All around, a heavy breathing like a demon had infiltrated the room and possessed the guests.

The creepy invasion reached a feverish pitch. Screaming and shouting erupted. Some people were thrashing and raging, clawing at each other. Blood splattered on clothing. Amidst the mayhem I ducked out a door with some friends and fled into the night.

We were out in a dark country forest, running blindly with the terror of the party still pounding in our ears. The trees were blacker than the moonless night sky. All around us were the haunting sounds of the unknown forest.

Very suddenly I found myself separated from the others. Someone was crying nearby but I couldn't see them. Soon I was walking along a path through a grazing area for horses in the forest. Horses hidden in the trees were watching me, gathering around close like a conspiracy, huffing and puffing angrily. I could hear hooves pawing at the ground, then snorting and screeching. They were coming closer. Through the inky darkness I could see their glistening outlines and red eyes glowing.

Then I was running, screaming in my mind, then out loud. The thundering of hooves soon trampled all other sounds. They were right behind me, all around me, raging and chomping at me with sharp teeth, shrieking like banshees in my ears. I was in a turmoil of chaotic insanity, telling myself I need to wake up! I need to wake up!

And when I could take it no more I woke up sweating and breathing hard.

Tags   Horror   Animals   Lucid

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