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Beware of the House!

Nightmare | July 3, 2012

I wake up in a strange room. It's empty save for this bed and a dog recumbent at its foot.

The dog is obviously happy or relieved I am awake. His tail whaps the bedspread like a drum. He's some kinda brown retriever-type dog smiling a goofy grin.

“Hey dog. How are ya?"

At once his expression is grave. Beware of the house!

This unsettles me. The dog does not speak, but I hear the words in my mind quite clearly. I finally gasp “What?"

Then the dog is conveying its experience with the house as if I am a direct observer. I see him lurking the streets, sniffing around at things. The house had been open for a few days and the dog wanders in looking for food.

Finding nothing but the stillness of an empty house, he lies down in the living room to nap.

Presently a stranger enters the house calling out for someone. He encounters the dog and assumes it belongs to the owner who is missing.

After hunting around the house for awhile, the man shoos the dog out into the street again. I think he discovered that no pets lived there. Perhaps no dishes or other evidence.

I'm not sure why, but the dog returns to the house again. In the hallway he finds the man laying on the floor, his body mangled most unnaturally. On his ashen face is a dreadful expression of horror and painful suffering. The animal backs away from the dead man and flees to the living room.

Later the dog ventures into the hallway again but now the body is gone.

While he relayed his story I understand that the house is some form of intelligence like a sophisticated computer or even a living entity. It controls all operations within its walls. A conflict had occurred with the owner and we assume he was dispatched. I also know the stranger was the owner's brother.

Still sitting in bed throughout this virtual tour, I'm suddenly aware of my hunger. So I hop out of bed. Instantly the dog's ears are alert. Scampering swifty downstairs he nearly trips me up and almost sends me tumbling down the remaining steps. But I catch a rail at the last moment. “Damn dog!"

The dog is clearly agitated: whimpering and pacing around me, but not saying anything. At the bottom of the stairs I ask, “What's the matter?"

The house has tentacles!

I stop dead for a moment. In the back of my mind I note that the dog only answers when I ask a question, but the rest of me is completely shocked by this revelation. I remember the dead man's body twisted up like a Twizzler, then removed from the scene.

“You saw tentacles?" By this time I am in the kitchen opening the fridge. The food inside is all rotten.

Once again the dog tells his story: After finding the body has disappeared he naps in the living room near the open front door. He awakes to find the door locked. From the hallway a pair of long, thick tentacles come slithering towards him like the arms of a giant squid. The dog jumps up and starts clawing first at the front door, then scrambles through the other rooms scatching vainly at all doors and windows. The tentacles follow close, groping and grabbing.

With no escape he drives back through the living room and charges up the steps to the second floor with those relentless arms right behind. About halfway up the stairs they stop short, pause for a moment, then retreat slowly.

I'm standing there at the fridge when I hear I hear some heavy rustling sounds from the direction of the hallway. I look down but the dog has vanished. Probably lit out for the stairs again.

I can feel something coming for me. The evil presence is all around me, but focused in the next room. I'm torn by the desire to sprint for known safety of the second floor, or try the doors with human hands. Now I'm running scared but I don't know where.

Yep, that's when I woke up.

Tags   Death   Horror   Animals

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