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Creepy October Landscape

Nightmare | October 25, 2008

There was some other stuff before this, and suddenly I'm flying over a dead city landscape like New York. I fly in and land in a creepy field with dead trees. The earth is dead and dry-looking in empty greyish-brown sepia tones like an expensive gothic horror film. I'm wandering in this desolate landscape with my mother, and we're walking to a dark cluster of buildings near an old dusty road. They look abandoned for centuries. Dead trees with scraggly black branches lean in close to the buildings, making it even darker as we walk past their facades. Between the ancient brownstones is an alley. I stroll up to it and peer in. It is pitch-black.

When I look back my mother is gone. Only the desolate landscape and these creepy buildings. I had the feeling she had been drawn into one of the black places by some evil force. I ran around screaming Mom! Mom! and rushed blindly into the inky darkness several times in a crazy search. But I could not go inside those buildings! I ran down the road screaming into the night. The road went around behind the buildings and down a long way to meet another road. I ran down in a madness and turned left and eventually I was on the far side, behind the buildings, looking down towards where we had first approached them.

On the road was my mother, walking slowly and kind of bent over. Her arms are folded in like she's cold or in pain. When she gets close her arms unfold and her hand is deformed. The actual hand has been sawd off at the wrist and she has a rusty ol' mechanic egg-beater affixed to the stump much like Captain Hook might have had if he was a cook. But in a nightmare this was frightening and creepy. I remember feeling sick for my mother, and that I had some part of it because I had lost her back there and now she had lost some vital part of herself like her soul. She had a stunned, empty look on her face like she had some horrific experience and would never fully recover. I cradled her and we were walking along the dusty old road again when I woke up.

Tags   Horror

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