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Next Time Chop Up and Burn the Body

Nightmare | February 26, 2009

I sincerely wish I could remember the rest of this intriguing nightmare, but the only things I remember now are the main parts.

My best friend Zeca had become inhabited by an alien and started to act like a zombie. I got into a fight with it and it took off. A dog barked as it ran. Eventually I found my friend's body after the alien had abandoned its shucked husk.

Just like a million cheezy films I went pursuing the alien who had murdered my best friend. Someone told me he had gone to the Elysian peninsula and in the dream I googled it and came upon a website for some online game with elves and medieval themes. That didn't help.

Along the way a German Shepherd dog teamed up with me. I think he was the dog which had barked earlier, so I figured he could sniff out aliens. He was the classic sable color with a black saddleback, more like the standard police dog than my own Shepherd.

Eventually we climbed a stair in some remote house. Two men were talking in a large cozy room with a lively fire in a large stone fireplace. An older gentleman sat in a chair at a desk, smoking a pipe. The younger man put on his hat and turned around to start down the stairs. He got sniffed by the dog as he neared and received a passing grade. The older man smiled at us but the dog growled viciously at him. Somehow we got into a brief conversation about his misadventures in other people's bodies and eventually I sawed off his head with a serrated kitchen knife which appeared mysteriously. The head rolled off to one corner and the body sorta collapsed near it. I was relieved and tired, so I sat down.

But the man/alien had somehow put the head back on the body and was stumbling towards me with a psychotic grin, telling me that the body and head can regenerate together again. I began slicing at him in a defensive way, shoving him backwards when he groped at me. Finally I managed to slice his head off again, and I lobbed it into the fire, which roared to life with the fresh fuel.

The body was still active, flailing around in my direction, trying to find me. But it tripped on its own feet and sprawled on the floor. I knelt and began cutting it into slices. The meat inside was milky white and rubbery, reminding me of slicing up squid for bait. I wondered if I should feed it to some greedy humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish. Instead each chunk was thrown into the fire and I watched as they burned up. Right before I woke up I realized that I had no proof to show that the man was an alien, and I could be accused of murdering and burning him!

Tags   Crime   Bizarre   Violence   Horror   Animals   Death   Transformation

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