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Nuclear Insanity

Nightmare | June 14, 2011

The evening was cool and crisp after a hot day. I let the dogs out into the front yard and they went barking at something up the street. When I went to investigate I found them barking at a neighbor's door.

He came out and said, “That's very rude." So I apologized about the noisy dogs.

“No, I meant you leave your porch light on all night. That's very rude.“

I looked back at the porch light shining in the darkness and noticed people coming out of their houses all the way down the street.

Someone pointed up into the sky. “There it is!"

An ominous object was falling towards us. It was dim, but backlit by the city lights. A nuclear bomb.

Down it came, very fast. Then everything exploded and the whole world was fire. Within the wall of flames I felt myself sitting like a meditating Buddha, thinking, I am in the middle of a blazing apocalypse and should be burning up now. I am waiting for death, for the end of all things.

Then the flames receded and I was surrounded by a fiery landscape of flaming buildings and nature. Scattered, dazed people were muttering about an evacuation, gravitating towards a river of what appeared to be lava, with a lone cruise boat on it. Not a cruise ship, but a small river boat about 100 feet long and having two open decks. It would be safe on the boat they said, so I walked up the gangplank.

The scene on board was a new nightmare. Groups of people huddled together, wailing and shrieking, cloaked in garments like monks or mourners. Others were rampaging around in fits of rage, barrelling into whomever got in their way and shoving people overboard into the reddish-orange river that licked at the hull like angry flames. Some tore at the ship's fixtures, breaking up wood and ripping up metal, screaming in hate or pain. Amidst all this chaos my neighbor nudged me and said we should check out the buffet.

As we strolled down the deck the scene on shore was one of madness and fury. People rioted through the streets killing each other and wreaking destruction on a devastated world. Buildings were collapsed and still burning. Overturned cars, machinery and rubble were charred and smoking. Behind it all the sky was that flaming orange-red I remember from the nuclear explosion.

Then some fat belligerent guy with a livid red face screaming obscenities charged right into us and scattered us like bowling pins. The insanity on board had reached a feverish pitch. More people were fighting, the crying and screaming were louder, the wanton destruction of the craft escalated. The boat started to rock to and fro and veer about. When it plowed through a jut in the land, I'd had enough.

“I'll take my chances..." So I jumped overboard onto the shore, and fled into the ravaged wasteland.

Tags   Violence   Destruction   Death

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