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Snakes in My House

Nightmare | August 12, 2010

In this dream I lived in some suburban house and I was dozing on the back porch in the late evening. Behind me was a small yard of grass and a barbecue area. The back part of the house curved in a semi-circular shape.

I was awoken by a buddy coming out from the house. It was dark and a dull haze made details indistinct. He was carrying a rattler in a pair of tongs with which you might flip a steak on the grill. The snake was quite pissed off. It hissed and lunged its head at me, snapping its sharp teeth.

“Dude, I found this snake in my room!"

We were suddenly startled back by the sound of hissing at our feet. Something was coiling on the wooden flooring in the twilight. In the dream I knew it to be a venemous coral snake, but it was colored greenish-blue with bands of red, black and yellow. My friend stretched the tongs towards the wall and draped the angry rattlesnake on a hook near a shelf. It stayed there throughout the dream providing sinister background noise.

In real life I like snakes. Of course I don't go around like Steve Irwin manhandling dangerous reptiles. As a lad I've had benign snakes, various lizards, iguanas, etc. But in this dream the invasive snakes shifted around in the dark like phantoms and it creeped me out!

I picked up an empty cereal box and tried to scoop up the coral snake but it slithered away. As I was cornering it, another snake hissed behind me under the bed I had been sleeping on but I couldn't see it.

Meanwhile my buddy was pursuing other snakes with his tongs. He dropped a tan speckled snake into the cereal box with the coral snake I had captured. A few other snakes still lurked about.

“Jeez, what are we going to do with these snakes?" I asked.

My friend said we should drop them at the house of some guy he didn't like and I suggested letting them go out in nature away from houses.

We're standing out in the small yard when a large creature bounded up from the direction of the house. It was greenish-blue with squarish patches of red, black and yellow-gold on its back but otherwise had the shape of a Great Dane or Doberman. A snake dog! By its coloration it could be poisonous. It leapt up on me and lapped at my face while I'm holding this fragile cereal box full of snakes.

“Someone must have dropped it off here," my buddy said. We felt bad for the snake dog — it was clearly friendly. Its arrival was somewhat ironic since we had just discussed where to dispose of our own snake problem.

As we hunted down the remaining snakes around the house the snake dog followed us around eagerly, imploring us to keep it, sniffing at stuff wherever we went and hindering our efforts by scaring away the snakes we were trying to collect. In this dream I had a golden retriever who was a little intimidated by the snake dog. He made it clear with his expressions that he wanted it gone.

Amidst the chaos of the new dog we managed to capture one more snake and find two others creeping around in the misty dark of the porch. My buddy went to snatch the rattlesnake from the hook on the wall when I was woken up by a text message...

Tags   Fear   Animals

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