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About Nightly Venture

December 25, 2009

It's a crazy world in there...

One night many years ago the inspiration for NightlyVenture was born in the deep convoluted recesses of a sick, twisted mind. I was just a lad in Manoa Valley at the time, tangled up in my blankets and thrashing about in a desperate bid to escape. The event inspired a permanent fascination for the pure brilliance of the mind in repose.

Nightmares like Universal Claustrophobia and About to Shoot Me in the Head have compelled me to keep this dream log. During waking life I document my travels, write about technical subjects like web development, explore philosophical and practical subjects, and author short stories. But dreams and nightmares may trump even the most creative fiction.

Where does the brain come up with its amazing stories? Often enough they are grounded in reality — events of life, hopes and pursuits, fears and anxieties, and erotic passions. Overlaid on this foundation is some of the purest fantasy and fiction we can conceive. Dreams arrive effortlessly and unpredictably, and they happen to everyone.

Dreams offer up the most bizarre landscapes populated with strange characters following incoherent yet discernible logical plotlines. For the duration of your life every dream you have ever had is stored and retrievable should you wish to relive it, and as concrete and often indistinguishable from real experiences. Whether a core preoccupation dredged up or simply a fantastic roller coaster ride entertaining a mind deprived of any other stimulus, dreams are a sign of an active intelligence pursuing a train of thought which might have started the day before or even a dozen years prior. They offer a rare insight into our subconscious. View your dreams as a nightly opportunity to resolve conflicts and live out an alternate reality.

Luckily I never have had the same dream or nightmare twice. Sure, there are falling, flying, flailing and fucking dreams. I censor very little except the boring stuff, although sometimes that boring stuff holds together a rich tapestry of events and becomes indispensable, so I try to be concise when possible.

The name NightlyVenture is derived from DailyVenture, my travel journal and photography website. DailyVenture tends to happen during the day, and at night I venture into the dark and creepy recesses of my mind for another bizarre adventure.

Well that's all I needed to say about this site. Enjoy... and sweet dreams.

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Share this Dream