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Tag : Adventure

These are generally adventurous dreams involving travel, unusual locations, or a dramatic change of scenery as the dream progresses.

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Jumping Over Trains

Dream | March 12, 2011

The strange fellow led me through a maze of gated communities pressed close together, until he said we had to jump or climb over a security gate, which I said I wouldn’t do. So we went around and eventually tramped along the rounded top of a brick wall between two houses. In front of us were train tracks. Dusk had seeped in. From the wall we jumped down in the grass with the mound of gray track ballast rising in front and stretching off to infinity on either side. The headlight of a train sparked in the distance, followed by the blare of its horn. I noticed the track was ruined; only traces of the rail and ties remained. The engine’s spotlight and its thunder approached quickly.   [ read more... ]

You Can’t Kill a Psychopath!

Nightmare | December 29, 2010

In this jungle adventure I am a ruthless, remorseless character in a nightmare of murderous rage and insanity. It starts with a car accident and becomes a bloodbath with a single-minded obsession. This is probably one of the more violent dreams I have ever had.   [ read more... ]

Back from the Dead

Dream | October 23, 2010

At my next neighbor’s house I find a VHS tape on the porch. No label, just a bulky black plastic cartridge. So I take it home and put it in the player. Immediately I’m sucked into a movie. Michael Moore is standing there narrating into a microphone, with an F-14 Tomcat behind him. We’re on an Air Force base, I am the cameraman, and he is introducing his new documentary. “High-level sources have revealed this new classified information and we’re recording it now in case something happens to us,” he says as we walk towards the aircraft. “This is happening right now....”   [ read more... ]

The Ten Billion Dollar Bill

Dream | July 23, 2010

Two friends and I rob a bank. In the safe is a bunch of junk and a ten billion dollar bill. Needless to say it causes some problems.   [ read more... ]

On the Edge of the Windweld

Dream | May 9, 2010

Directly over the Windweld the air suddenly becomes very chilly. Blowing up from the deep dark depths it doesn’t have the lift of the slightly warmer air that facilitated my flight. I’m quickly dropping down into the gulf, panicking and frantically pumping my arms, banking towards the near edge. At the last second I roll and heave my body, landing on my stomach on the very edge of the Windweld, one leg dangling into the abyss. The wind is furiously whipping me towards the edge and I’m clinging onto smooth solid rock in this barren landscape. My left hand is scrabbling about on the smooth rock and finds a notch in which to dig my fingers. There I hang on feebly, half hanging over the cliff and drained of all energy.   [ read more... ]

They’ll Never Take Me Alive!

Dream | January 22, 2010

It’s very dark. The tunnel extends down into a single black eye socket for miles in both directions. A spine of old sodium halogen lights dimly illuminate the way until the darkness swallows them up. A shot cracks on the wall near me! Someone is shooting at us. Out of the darkness about 70 feet away a row of soldiers is marching towards us and firing as they approach.   [ read more... ]

Wanted as Accessory to Vehicular Manslaughter

Dream | December 18, 2009

My sister Robin and I are on a school bus excursion. Otto the bus driver is acting recklessly and we’re egging him on. Someone yells out, “Car! Five points!” and Otto slams into the car—SMASH!—utterly totalling it. But the bus is barely damaged and now we are playing a game to see how many cars we can demolish. We’re racking up points and having a great time. When we start hitting pedestrians we hear police sirens. The rest of the dream is our run from the law through forests, Asian restaurants and malls and across Indian plazas. Along the way we meet bounty hunters and taser-armed officials, engage in ridiculous kung fu fights, try hitchhiking, and eventually make an aerial escape.   [ read more... ]

Three Angry Monsters

Dream | November 19, 2009

A Medieval street scene near the docks. Ships in the background with sailors and merchants going about their business. In the midst are these three grotesque monsters who have just disembarked and are immediately engaged in a vicious three-way battle.   [ read more... ]

Dreams within Dreams

Dream | April 24, 2009

A single dream within which were nested other interesting dreams. Warning: sexual content and breast examinations.   [ read more... ]

Gold Dust Traveller

Dream | March 10, 2009

Travelling around the world with just some valuable dust in my pocket.   [ read more... ]


Dream | February 16, 2009

After a mutiny the captain is killed and I’m stranded on some planks until I find a sandbar in the middle of the ocean.   [ read more... ]

To the Bottom of the Ocean in a Minivan

Dream | November 14, 2008

Some Asian friends and I accidentally plow a minivan into the ocean and sink to the bottom. Drowning in the vivid blue ocean can be a very beautiful death, but we miraculously survived.   [ read more... ]

J.Su Set Me Free

Dream | October 14, 2008

As early as I remember I had crashed this small catamaran on a desert beach where the old seawall crumbled to weatherworn boulders. While lying groggy in the shorebreak someone dragged me into a low canvas tent. Through the flaps I could see guards with rifles hovering nearby. At some point I leapt out and sprinted along the seawall about 100 yards before they shot me in the calf. Then I must have blacked out, or time skipped forward. The bullet had been removed and the hole roughly stitched up. As punishment for my brief escape they had used no anasthesia for the operation and now they were going to severely beat me.   [ read more... ]

Zeca and I Steal a Van

Dream | February 16, 2008

Zeca was in my dream. We were hitchhiking around Sunset Beach and caught a ride with a guy in a van. He called us faggots so we beat the shit out of him, dumped him in a ditch and made off with his van, which we decided to dump at Kaena Point.   [ read more... ]

It Started on the Beach in Mexico

Dream | May 12, 2007

Walking in the desert, sitting on a beach in Mexico, part of a movie being filmed, off through the jungle with Tarzan, riding on a horse to a picture perfect scene, under a rowboat during a storm...   [ read more... ]

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