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My Dreams & Nightmares

NightlyVenture Nightly Venture : My Dreams & Nightmares

My New Haunted House

Dream | April 5, 2013

I find myself in possession of a haunted house....   [ read more... ]

Strange Violent Times

Dream | February 28, 2013

I'm in New York on a three-day vacation to see some sort of art festival. Although the dream starts innocently enough, I torch a woman in her house within a hotel room, fall in love with a robot, watch my van get shot up, get into a fight with a homeless man, and get confronted by evil robot dogs when trying to sneak back into the hotel. In the end I'm caught in a riot. Just another day in these strange violent times.   [ read more... ]

Death but No Deal

Dream | February 21, 2013

Two rival drug cartels cannot come to an agreement.   [ read more... ]

A Father and His Homicidal Daughter

Dream | January 13, 2013

A dream about a father and his homicidal daughter   [ read more... ]

The Devil’s Brains

Nightmare | October 21, 2012

A hellish night of fire and fury as a storm tears apart our town. In this nightmare I run into the devil, his wife and their newborn spawn.   [ read more... ]

Beware of the House!

Nightmare | July 3, 2012

The dog returns to the house again. In the hallway he finds the man laying on the floor, his body mangled most unnaturally. On his ashen face is a dreadful expression of horror and painful suffering. The animal backs away from the dead man and flees to the living room. When the dog ventures into the hallway again the body is gone.   [ read more... ]

Yes, I Started that Wildfire

Dream | June 24, 2012

A bizarre motion outside catches my eye. The road slopes down a bit and before it passes under the freeway there’s a billboard stand that rises maybe a hundred feet up from the street so that the billboard could be seen by freeway drivers. Only, there is no billboard. Mounted to the top of that huge metal pole is a gigantic lawn sprinkler, and it’s suddenly alive and spraying out streams of gasoline hundreds of feet high. I watch in horror as it oscillates back and forth: first dousing the townhouses and dry scrubby hillside on the right, then soaking the street and neighborhood on the left.   [ read more... ]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Revenge

Nightmare | October 16, 2011

A friend of mine Tyler had made a bunch of money on the internet and retired to a high-tech home on the beach. At the touch of a button the house folded in and closed up like a ringbox for maximum security. I was staying for the weekend and we had just come in from the beach when the house began to close up suddenly. Neither the button worked nor could we escape out the windows and doors in time. The house began to fill up with smoky, noxious gas like car exhaust. All night we stumbled around coughing, eventually collapsing on the floor with red eyes and haggard breath. In the morning the house opened up again and Mark Zuckerberg was standing over us.   [ read more... ]

Not to Get Caught

Dream | September 28, 2011

The big hand at my back keeps shoving me forward with an irritated urgency. It’s Ivan the Torturer, pushing me through the airport while he leads an older woman by the chain of her handcuffs. Nazi officers pass by occasionally, ignoring us. The era is World War II but the airport is modern in design, and at this late hour only sparsely filled with travellers. Then Ivan grabs me roughly by the shoulder and shoves me through a bathroom door. He yanks the poor woman after him and the door swings shut.   [ read more... ]

The Modern Amusement Park

Dream | August 13, 2011

At the entrance we pay our $25 each and walk inside the Modern Amusement Park. It’s suddenly night. Lasers and special effects dance across the courtyard just inside the entrance. Some of the buildings glow strangely, pulsing hypnotically. Each of us is drawn in a separate direction and I stroll into a castle. Very soon I’m lost, wandering through rough-hewn stone hallways occassionaly lit by brass-handled torches. In a remote room I meet a beautiful girl.   [ read more... ]